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fc minutes 12-13-18

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes December 13, 2018

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2018

273 Chambers Bldg


Attendees:  Dr.’s Richard Hazler, Uju Anya, Scott Metzger, Liza Conyers, Hyung Joon Yoon, Marsha Modeste, Edward Fuller, Greg Kelly; and, Samantha Koon (Undergraduate Representative).

A quorum was reached to conduct official business.

1.   Minutes of the Preceding Meeting  minutes of October 18, 2019* were unanimously approved. (*November meeting cancelled due to campus closure)

2.  Announcements by the Chair

3. Communications to the Council

3.1. Undergraduate Student Council Updates

3.1.1.  Graduate Student Council Updates (Zoe Mandel) --  no report

3.1.2.  Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Samantha Koon)  Student concerns with SPLED and advising – EDPSY 014 & SPLED 400 good portion of information overlaps.  Format and structure are unhelpful.  Undergrads wish the advisers were more knowledgeable about minors in the college and in other colleges.  Faculty Council requested the concerns be discussed with the undergraduate student council and then officially shared with faculty council on behalf of the student council.

4.  Comments by the Dean of the College (Greg Kelly on behalf of David Monk)

4.1. Dean Search:

4.1.1.  Two town halls were organized last week by the Provost’s Office to describe the search process and to answer questions.  Storbeck and Pemetel has been engaged as the search firm supporting the search.  The membership of the search committee has been announced and Dean Andrew Sears from the College of IST will be chairing the committee.  Kathy Bieschke’s Office (Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs) will be organizing the search and Cori Donaghy in the Dean’s Office will be the liaison with the College and will support the Committee and its work.

4.1.2.  The search committee is being charged this week by the Provost.  Storbeck and Pemetel would like to conduct meetings with key groups (faculty, staff, alumni, and external constituencies) to receive guidance about what the College hopes to accomplish with the appointment of the next dean.  These meetings are in the process of being scheduled and will take place early in the new year.

4.2. Faculty Searches:  Candidates are beginning to visit the College as part of the six searches that are in progress for tenure line faculty positions.  A number of searches for fixed term faculty members are also in progress.  The pools continue to look very strong and most of the candidates will be visiting after the new year.

4.3. Chambers Building Renovations:

4.3.1.  Science Wing: The Science Education wing and the Advising Center/CETC renovation projects continue to be on track.  We’ve already reclaimed the Advising Center/CETC space (with great results) and we’re planning to re-claim the science education space in January.

4.3.2.  North Chambers   The dean met with the University Senate Planning Committee last week and answered questions about the proposed renovation of the northside of Chambers Building.  A meeting of the Place Committee (faculty and staff) was also held last week.  The planning process is still at an early stage but is progressing.  Ideas are emerging for creating a “front door/welcoming center” for the northside of Chambers Building that are intended to partially address safety and security concerns by providing better oversight for who is in the space.   It is also becoming clear that “defined spaces” will be an important element in the design along with a diminished use of perimeter offices in order to make better and more democratic use of natural light.  There is lots of underutilized space in the north side of Chambers Building.  Recognition is growing that a well-conceived new design.   The Place Committee will be meeting regularly during the spring semester and the dean will be meeting periodically with the C&I faculty to report on progress.

4.4. Career Conference Template:

4.4.1.  Efforts have been made to refine the template the College uses for the annual tenure line faculty career conferences.  Attention has been paid in particular to modifying the existing question about equity, inclusion, and diversity to provide a better opportunity to describe past efforts and future plans to make contributions in this area.  A number of other gaps and sources of confusion were identified and have been addressed in the new draft.  Copies are available for comment.  The plan is to make use of the new template in the next round of career conferences, taking place in the spring of 2019.

4.4.2.  The Equity Team has also been working on a “guidance” document intended to help faculty members think about contributions they might make to equity, inclusion, and diversity endeavors.  This document will be available early in the new year.

4.4.3.  The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has been working on a FAQ regarding career conferences and a modified template for fixed term faculty members’ career conferences.  Other departments may have interest in these documents and they will be shared for further discussion and review in the next semester.

4.5. Summits: As mentioned at previous meetings, plans are continuing to be made for the Restorative Justice Summit in late March and the Waterbury Summit (focused on the Learning Sciences) for May or June.

4.6. Website Redesign: A steering committee has been created to guide the redesign of the College website.  All four departments are represented on the steering committee.  An RFP for external vendors has been prepared and has been released.  We hope to approve the vendor early in the new year.

4.7. Staff Advisory Council: We have moved forward with the creation of an ad hoc committee to plan the design of the new Council.  This will begin its work soon and we hope to have the design finalized early in the new year.

4.8. Fixed-Term Faculty Promotion Reviews:  Feedback has been received from the College Fixed Term Faculty Promotion Review Committee and from the Department Heads to make recommendations about refinements that should be made in the existing guidelines.  This feedback has been received and has been incorporated into a track changes version of the existing guidelines.  The Faculty Council will have an opportunity to discuss these revisions later in this meeting.

4.9. Spring Commencement Speaker: As mentioned previously, Pedro Rivera, PA Secretary of Education, has agreed to be our commencement speaker in the spring.  Suggestions for future speakers are always welcome

5. Reports of Standing Committees:

5.1. Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns (Marsha Modeste)

5.1.1.  Department Heads have been contacted to supply names of committee members from their departments. Still seeking representation from EPCSE and LPS.

5.2. Curricular Affairs  (Uju Anya)

5.2.1.  November meeting addressed Graduate Recruitment programs and funding.

5.3. Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Scott Metzger)

5.3.1.  Student Dissertation Research Initiation Grant applications are due mid-January. The committee will meet on January 29 to discuss and make funding recommendations.

5.4. Technology (Hyung Joon Yoon) – no report

6. Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Commitees

7. News from the University Graduate Council (Scott Metzger)

7.1. Graduate School compiled survey of former graduate students from passed years focusing on graduate student satisfaction/dissatisfaction broken out by demographic. Expect the Graduate School will share the findings in the future.

7.2. Increase of credit count from 15 for professional degrees was recommended to be raised to 21. Likely to be voted on at the next meeting.

7.3. Doctoral Advising Policy: Collected feedback from College of Education individuals and programs and conveyed to the University Graduate Council standing committee on Academic Standards which agreed to review and discuss at the next meeting in January.

8. News from the Faculty Senate (Diandra Prescod)

8.1. LionPath will be updated in May and June.

8.2. President Barron wants to increase diversity by examining what programs the commonwealth campuses have in place.

8.3. The Faculty Senate minutes can be viewed in their entirety at

9. Unfinished Legislative Business

9.1. Revisions to Fixed-Term Faculty Review Process

9.1.1.  Discussion on whether a job description should be provided – also updating job duties/responsibilities each time the contract is renewed.

10. New Legislative Business

11. Forensic Business

11.1. Consensual Relationship Restrictions

11.1.1. Due to time constraints this was tabled for discussion at the January meeting.

12. Comments and recommendations for the good of the College


Next Faculty Council Meeting:
January 17, 2019 ~ 2:30-4:30 PM ~ 273 Chambers