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fc minutes 9-19-19

Faculty Council Meeting Minutes September 17, 2019

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2019

228 Chambers Bldg


Attendees:  Dr.’s Fran Arbaugh, Julia Bryan, Soo-yong Byun, ChanMin Kim, Hyung Joon Yoon, Richard Hazler, Marsha Modeste, Barbara Schaefer, Jackie Reid-Walsh, Carla Zembal-Saul, Kim Lawless, Alex List, Shannon Telenko, and Annie Maselli (GSC Rep.), and Joey Clark (USC Rep.)

A quorum was met to conduct official business.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Fran Arbaugh at 2:33 PM.


1.     Minutes of the Preceding Meetings (3/21/19 and 4/18/19)

1.1.   March 21, 2019 Minutes –  Motion made, minutes approved.

1.2.  April 18, 2019 Minutes – Motion made, minutes approved.

2.     Announcements by the Chair

2.1.  Welcome

3.     Communications to the Council

3.1.  Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Joey Clark)

3.1.1.     43 new applicants – seeking between 12-16.

3.1.2.     Continuing recruitment efforts.

3.2.  Graduate Student Council Updates (Annie Maselli)

3.2.1.     First meeting is next week.

3.3.  College Equity Team Updates (Shannon Telenko)

3.3.1.     Shared background history of formation of the College Equity Team.

3.3.2.     First meeting of academic year held Sept 5.

3.3.3.     Developing ideas for supporting faculty. Structural focus, classroom management, curriculum, etc.

4.     Comments by the Dean of the College

4.1.  Faculty Governance -- Believes the Faculty Council should be an opportinity for faculty to have conversations, and only plans to attend for reports. Will seek more faculty input through the faculty council to help the college create policies that bring more consistency across the college. Envisions communication pathways to/from/among college faculty, Faculty Council representatives, and Dean with the purpose of supporting faculty-generated policies and procedures for the College. Possibly pilot some of these ideas. Charged the Council with reconceptualizing (within PSU policies) the P&T process. Issues raised include different advice being given to candidates across the college about “what counts” and de-coupling dossier evaluation with dossier mentoring. 

4.2.  Meeting with Assistant Professors – Met with Assistant Professors recently to find how to better help the them with the tenure process. Relooking at the process, mentoring structures, and ways to alleviate some of the anxiety by improving the processes and support provided across the college.

 5.     Reports of Standing Committees

5.1.     Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns  (Marsha Modeste) – no report

5.2.     Curricular Affairs  

5.3.     Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Barbara Schaefer) – no report

5.4.     Technology (Hyung Joon Yoon)

5.4.1.     Received 4 proposals for Innovative Uses of Technology Fund in the Spring. All were awarded.

5.4.2.     Roundtable series will continue. First one is October 17, 2019 at 11:30 in 228 Chambers.

5.4.3.     Committee decided to have 3 faculty members, 1 or 2 student members, one member from CETC, and the Director of EDUCATE.

 6.     Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Commitees

7.     News from the University Graduate Council

7.1.  Any concerns should be shared with our Graduate Council members to bring forth to the University Graduate Council.

7.2.  Comprehensive examinations, and  doctoral/dissertation committees are upcoming discussions.

8.     News from the Faculty Senate (Joshua Kirby)

8.1.  First meeting was Sept. 17, 2019

8.2.  Workspace standards is being worked on by 4 committees – 3 of which are the University Planning Committee, Faculty Affairs Committee, and Intra-university Relations Committee.

8.3.  New faculty chair for Graduate Council elected. New position as a result of updated bylaws by the University Graduate Council.

9.     Unfinished Legislative Business

10.  New Legislative Business

10.1.  Appointment of Faculty Council Representative to Curricular Affairs Committee

10.1.1.  Motion made to appoint Carla Zembal-Saul as representative with Fran Arbaugh to serve as alternate.  Motion approved.

11.  Forensic Business

11.1.   Follow-up conversation of Dean’s comments

11.1.1.  P&T –  Does there need to be different standards for each department? Can they be standardized across the college with sub-standards for specific programs? What can be put on paper as clear expectations/benchmarks to make it more transparent? FC Executive Committee (Chair, Incoming Chair, Past Chair) will meet in the next week or so to develop a suggested plan of action for making progress on the Dean’s charge in this area.

11.1.2.  Faculty Governance Reactions – Current bylaws have the council serve in an advisory role to the administration. How does the council submit issues/policy changes to the administration?

11.1.3.  Suggestion of Executive Committee – FC representatives describe charge from Kim to the faculty in their departments at their faculty meeting.  Read the Bylaws before next faculty council meeting.

11.2.  Reorganization of reporting to the Council

11.2.1.  The Chair, proposed that reports of standing committees be provided in writing to her one (1) week prior to each Faculty Council meeting. The Chair will then share the report with the council and they will also be added to the meeting minutes verbatim.

11.3.  Should we set up Zoom for each meeting?

11.3.1.  Chair asked the council if there was any opposition to setting up a zoom link for future council meetings.  There was no opposition.

12.  Comments and recommendations for the good of the College

12.1.  Think about priorities for FC work this year.


Meeting adjourned at 4:28 PM.


Next Faculty Council Meeting:

October 17, 2019, 2:30-4:30 PM, 228 Chambers