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What does the faculty council do

What Does the Faculty Council Do?

The Faculty Council is the public voice of the College of Education faculty and community. It is a representative body with monthly meetings attended by the Dean or the Dean's appointed representative. These regular meetings (typically the third Thursday at 2:30p in the Chambers Building) are open to the public.

  • The Council brings public attention to issues of concern. Anyone can confidentially contact a department representative or Chair with a public concern affecting the COE or our community. Agenda items are brought up for collective discussion with the Dean at the monthly meetings.
  • The Council has a consultative role to advise the Dean on policy and support shared governance.
  • The Council monitors conditions in the College and University and can express concern as a collective on behalf of faculty and the community (writing letters, issuing policy statements).
  • The Council also has a forensic function to gather and disseminate information of importance to the faculty and the community (distributing electronic documents, holding Town Halls).