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College of Education COVID-19 Forms

This page includes links to forms that must be filled out for various reasons related to COVID-19 policies, procedures and protocols.

This page includes links to forms that must be filled out for various reasons related to COVID-19 policies, procedures and protocols.

Penn State Return to On-Site Work Request Form (University Approval)

Supervisors or department heads should fill out the Return to Work authorization forms for those faculty and staff who need to be on campus to teach or to provide staff support for our teaching mission. These forms must be approved by several people, including Provost Jones, before individuals are permitted to return to working on campus. The University has made it clear that all University employees who are able to continue working remotely should do so. This will help us keep building occupancy down and reduce the risk for those who do have to be on campus.

Drop-in Request Form

Drop-in visits are permitted to retrieve personal belongings or other items needed to facilitate remote work but should be limited to an hour. If you plan to enter any of our facilities to perform work or for a duration longer than an hour, you must have proper approval from the college and University. At this time, all employees are asked to continue remote work if they can do so. If you plan to work from campus this fall, notify your supervisor and ensure the proper paperwork and planning have been completed on your behalf.

Mission Critical Purchase Request Form

To limit spending during the COVID-19 pandemic, only those transactions deemed Mission Critical will be approved. Until further notice, purchases using University-issued Purchasing Cards will be limited to super-users as identified by Financial Officers or their delegates to Procurement Services and the Office of the Corporate Controller. All other Purchasing Cards have been temporarily deactivated. Please direct any questions to your local Financial Officer.

College of Education Approval Request Form for In-Person Meetings and Events

The purpose of this form is to provide guidelines, protocols, and a process for EDU faculty, staff, and students seeking permission to host IN-PERSON meetings or events during the 2020-21 academic year. For the purpose of this process, a MEETING or EVENT is defined as any gathering of College of Education faculty, staff, students, alumni, volunteers, friends – or any combination thereof – under the auspices of the College of Education.

College of Education Non-Event Visitor Approval Form

A visitor is a someone who is not a Penn State employee or student, as well as Penn State employees or students based at campuses other than University Park, who are invited to the University Park campus. As per Penn State policy, all students, employees, and visitors are required to practice social distancing and wear face masks when inside campus buildings - including classrooms, labs, offices and other public indoor spaces. Individuals also are expected to wear a mask when outdoors on campus and in the State College community. All visitors to campus MUST wear a mask at all times. Visitors must be notified of, and agree to, this requirement prior to visiting campus.

College of Education Travel Request Approval

Employees must seek permission for University-affiliated domestic travel, including air travel, from their unit executive (e.g. dean, chancellor). Employees are asked to limit travel where possible and consider virtual options that might replace or reduce the need to travel. Employees wishing to travel should carefully review the PA Department of Health guidance. For more information regarding travel, please visit - This form must be completed PRIOR to traveling.