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Associate Dean for Research, Outreach, and Technology

Information about Research, Outreach, and Technology activities in the Penn State College of Education.


The office administers approximately $19 million in annual expenditures for externally funded research, instruction, and outreach projects. These projects result from proposals submitted to external funding agencies and foundations by faculty, staff, and graduate students.


The office administers projects and activities related to outreach scholarship. Outreach has been a critical component of the College of Education's mission since its inception.  Outreach is the generation, transmission, application, preservation, and enhancement of knowledge between the University and external audiences, within Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world.

The office assists faculty in developing and promoting outreach scholarship through linkages with Outreach delivery units and external audiences

Continuing Education/Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

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IT Guidelines and Policies

College of Education Information Technology Guidelines and Policies.

The policies and guidelines have been drafted and reviewed by the Faculty Council.  These policies and guidelines are currently posted on our Internal Web Site under the College Policies heading.