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Disposing of Computer Equipment Guidleines

There are a few ways to dispose of your computer equipment depending on whether the old equipment will be recycled and used again within your department, sold to an employee who is leaving the University, or sent to Lion Surplus.  As you know, CETC and the Finance Office are working to centralize the processes related to purchasing and disposing of computer equipment.  By following the procedures provided below under the example, when disposing of any computer equipment, you will enable us to log all computer dispositions and/or recycle requests so that we can capture the complete life cycle of our computer equipment.  This will also help as we plan our annual equipment budgets.  

1. EXAMPLE:   You’ve purchased a new computer for Professor X and you want his/her old computer to go to a Graduate Assistant in your department.

  • You created a help desk ticket to purchase a new computer.  In the notes, you should let CETC know that the old computer will be recycled and used by a GA. 
  • When Professor X picks up his/her computer (laptop) at CETC, he/she should bring their old computer (laptop) so that CETC can prepare it for a new GA.  CETC will log the equipment as RECYCLED TO A GA and let the Admin. Support Coordinator (or the person who opened the original ticket) know the work is complete and it’s ready to be picked up.

2. EXAMPLE:  You’ve decided to get rid of some old computers that belonged to GA’s or that you feel can’t be recycled within the dept.  You want to send the computer to salvage but you are not purchasing a new computer to replace it. 

  • You create a DISP in IBIS.  Check *Lion Surplus on the first page of the DISP form.  Complete all the other required info. on the DISP and submit to the Budget Administrator for approval.  After the Budget Administrator approves the document it will flow to Facilities Coordinator Pearce, in the Finance Office, for approval.  Facilities Coordinator will forward a copy of the DISP form to CETC.  They will decide if they would like to keep the equipment or any of its parts before sending it onto Lion Surplus.  If they decide to keep the equipment, they will instruct Facilities Coordinator to change the DISP to Loaned/Relocated and Facilities Coordinator will note the reason in the notepad. This may cause the form to resubmit to the Budget Administrator.  CETC will log the equipment as recycled within CETC for our records.  If CETC does not feel that the equipment can be re-used, they will let Facilities Coordinator know and this person will approve the DISP onto Lion Surplus.  

3. EXAMPLE:  Professor X is leaving the University and he/she wants to purchase his/her computer for personal use. 

  • Complete a DISP and check *Lion Surplus.  In the notepad, please note that the item is being purchased by the employee who is leaving.  You will need to work with Lion Surplus to calculate the value of the equipment and the employee will need to purchase the item from Lion Surplus.
  • When the DISP reaches Facilities Coordinator, this person will let CETC know that the computer equipment is being purchased by the employee.  CETC will log the disposition appropriately in their life cycle database and will remotely wipe the computer clean before it can be purchased.  (Lion Surplus can also do this.)  Please make sure you let the employee purchasing the equipment know that they will not have the current operating system or University provided software on the computer when they purchase it.  They will need to purchase an operating system license and any other software on their own.