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Research Space

The following guidelines are intended for College of Education faculty who have funded research.

Research Space Allocation Guidelines:


  • Top priority will be given to externally funded research projects with specifically stated needs for space. (i.e. require space over and above what is available in the Department to run the project)
  • On a space available basis, allocations may be made on a temporary basis for:
    • Start-up projects with internal funding that need space and are preparing for external funding.
    • Research projects without funding with specifically stated needs for space and the potential for external funding.
    • Externally funded personnel preparation projects in which students have assistantships to engage in research.
    • Centrality to the College’s research mission will be a key factor in allocating and prioritizing space.

Procedures for Requesting Space

  • Faculty members consult with the Department Head regarding space needs.
    • Research projects should be housed in the Department whenever possible.
    • Faculty with projects that cannot be housed in the Department may apply to the Associate Dean’s Office for College space.
  • Faculty requesting College space must complete the “Request for Research Project Space” form, have it signed by the Department Head verifying the need for the space and forward to the Associate Dean for Research.
  • The Associate Dean for Research will review applications, and in consultation with the Human Resources (Facilities) Director, make a decision based on the established priorities listed above under "Priorities."
  • A letter indicating the decision made will be sent to the faculty member with copies to the Department Head, Human Resources Director, and to the Dean.
  • If approved, space will be allocated, as it becomes available, for a specified time frame.
  • On projects extending beyond the specified time frame, the project director must complete a formal request for an extension stating the rationale and new duration.

Space Stipulations

  • Space assignments will be restricted to a limited and specific time period.
  • Due to space shortages, the College will not allocate additional faculty office space for those who already have an office in the Department.
  • Space must be relinquished if not used.
  • Space will be monitored annually by the Associate Dean’s Office.


Research Space Request Form (pdf)