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Research Initiation Grants

Resources & Information for College of Education Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students preparing grants and proposals.

Research Initiation Grants Program

-New Submission Process-

The Research Initiation Grant (RIG) Program was established to assist the College of Education faculty in the developmental stages of major research projects, that include a connection to education equity, with the expectation that faculty will pursue external funding for the full study.

Research Initiation Grant Guidelines

Sample RIG Evaluation Form


All tenure-line faculty of the College of Education at University Park are eligible to apply for the Research Initiation Grant.

Review Process

Phase 1   
Faculty members interested in pursuing a RIG will schedule a meeting with the Senior Associate Dean of Research (ADR) prior to the submission cycle deadline review the proposed project plan. The ADR will work with the faculty PI to guide the development of the RIG proposal. To schedule a meeting, contact Heather Decker at 863-1489 or

Phase 2
Submit RIG proposals by submission cycle deadline through Penn State's InfoReady system. This can be done by visiting and filtering the funding opportunities as "Penn State Seed Grants", or visit the VP for Research Hub at

The Research Advisory Committee will review the proposals based on the guidelines document linked above. Those projects recommended for funding will proceed to phase 3. 

Phase 3
Based on the recommendations of the Research Advisory Committee, the ADR will finalize the budget for the project with the faculty PI.


Deadlines for Submitting Proposals

FALL:         October 15 - deadline for meeting with Senior Associate Dean to discuss proposal
                   October 30* - deadline for approved proposals to be submitted
SPRING:    January 30 - deadline for meeting with Senior Associate Dean to discuss proposal
                   February15* - deadline for approved proposals to be submitted

*In the event that a deadline falls on a weekend, proposals may be submitted the next business day.