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Methodological Consultation

Procedures and Guidelines for Methodological Consultation

Purpose. This document provides guidelines and procedures for the College of Education faculty requesting methodological support from Dr. Yoonkyung Oh, a research methodologist in the College of Education.

Background. As a research associate in Quantitative Methods, Yoonkyung provides methodological support to faculty in the College of Education who are preparing grant proposals for federal agencies including IES, NSF and NIH and other foundations supporting educational research. In addition, she will provide consultation in preparing internal proposals that can support pilot studies for future federal or state grant proposal submissions. She can also participate in funded projects.

The forms and levels of support provided may vary depending upon the nature and scope of your proposed study, the needs of your proposal/grant teams, and specific circumstances such as consulting load at the time and type of statistical and methodological expertise needed. Support may range from one-time consultations to ongoing participations/collaborations for proposal development and funded research. Types of support that may be provided include: reviewing grant proposals and providing feedback; discussing methodological concerns and questions and providing recommendations on research designs and methods that would be most suitable for research aims; collaborating in developing and/or writing grant proposals; providing methodological support for funded research (e.g., data analysis and paper writing). For intensive levels of participations and collaborations, I strongly encourage the faculty to have our methodologist included in grant applications as part of the research team.

General Procedures. Yoonkyung will try to be flexible as much as possible to accommodate the needs of faculty with busy schedules. For better assistance, however, we encourage you to contact her well in advance of the due date. How far in advance would be okay will depend on circumstances, but in general, please allow two weeks for review and feedback and contact at least one week in advance to schedule a meeting to ensure time for her to get some understanding about your research area and read your proposal draft.

When you contact Yoonkyung for assistance, please try to provide as much information on your proposal as you can. The more information you can provide about your research and grant proposal, the better she will be able to assist you. You may want to provide some or all of the following:

• Title of the project, abstract and/or draft of the proposal

• Information about the funding program to which you are applying (e.g., name of funding agency, department and program, due date of grant application, Request for Application)

• Stage in proposal development (e.g., early planning, refining proposal, revision and resubmission)

• Feedback from reviewers and program officers if revise and resubmit

• Specific concerns and/or questions you may want to discuss

If you want to discuss your grant proposal or research project with Yoonkyung and ask for assistance, please feel free to contact her. Her contact information is as follows:

Yoonkyung Oh
Research Associate in Quantitative Methods
308A Biobehavioral Health Building
Phone:  814-865-6823