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Staff Advisory Council Bylaws

May 3, 2019

Article I — Mission and Vision

The mission of the College of Education Staff Advisory Council (CoE SAC) is to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment;
  • Provide a voice for CoE staff;
  • Act as liaison between University and College leadership and CoE staff.

The vision of the CoE SAC is to:

  • Strengthen staff relations within the College and increase networking opportunities;
  • Support, encourage and cultivate professional growth and development of staff within the College;
  • Engage in collegial discussions and collaborations by serving as a sounding board for staff within the College.

Article II — Membership

Section 1 — Definitions

Member: a voting position within CoE SAC. Full members are appointed as outlined in Section 2. Full-time exempt and non-exempt CoE staff who are in good standing are eligible for membership and to hold elected positions. Each member is entitled to one vote.

The CoE SAC shall consist of 9 staff members made up of one representative from each of the following areas:

  • Advising and Certification
  • Carrara Education Technology Center (CETC)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (including CSATS)
  • Dean’s Office 1 (dean’s suite, recruitment, data analyst, multicultural programs, Humphrey Fellowship)
  • Dean’s Office 2 (grants and contracts, research, finance)
  • Development and Communications
  • Education Policy Studies (including CSHE)
  • Educational Psychology, Counseling and Special Education
  • Learning and Performance Systems (including ISAL, Goodling, and PPDC)


The CoE Human Resources Consultant will serve as a non-voting ex officio member of the CoE SAC Committee.   The Human Resources Consultant is welcome at but not required to attend all meetings and will have the opportunity to view meeting agendas in advance.

It is the responsibility of the CoE SAC members to solicit ideas from their area for the council’s consideration, represent their area’s perspective and to keep their area’s staff informed of CoE SAC initiatives and projects.

Section 2 — Application and Appointment

Eligible staff interested in serving on CoE SAC must complete the application. Applications are vetted for good standing by the CoE human resources consultant. When evaluating applications, CoE SAC members will place careful consideration on the following: providing a balanced representation of membership across all of the college’s areas; sharing the opportunity for all staff to serve on the CoE SAC; and supporting an inclusive membership pool from the different areas.

If no staff from an area applies for membership, the CoE SAC will reach out to that area to address any concerns and encourage individuals to apply in order to promote equal representation. In the event that a unit remains un-represented, CoE SAC will select a member from the application pool with an emphasis placed on selecting a second representative from the relatively large area(s). For example, under these circumstances one of the larger areas may have two representatives.  

*Note: The CoE SAC Work Group will select the first CoE SAC members following the guidelines and process mentioned above. Any Work Group member who applies for membership will recuse themselves or be recused from the selection process. Subsequent CoE SACs will select future members following the aforementioned membership guidelines.

The application period will run from March 1 to March 31. New members will be selected and notified prior to May 31. The new member term will commence on July 1. 

*Note: The application period for the initial CoE SAC will run May 1-May 31, 2019.

Section 3 — Terms

Each member is to serve a two-year term, commencing on July 1 and ending on June 30. At the end of the two-year term, members may reapply; however, re-appointment is not guaranteed and previous experience on the CoE SAC will not provide an advantage.

*Note: Inaugural leadership positions will serve a three-year term; all subsequent leadership positions will serve a two-year term.

Time served for CoE SAC work is considered a part of the council member’s job responsibilities and not as personal time.

Section 4 — Leave of Absence

Requests for a temporary leave of absence from CoE SAC may be submitted to the Chair. Such requests shall be granted by the CoE SAC whenever possible, but shall not exceed three consecutive months. A staff member from the same area as the member requesting the leave will be identified by the CoE SAC and shall temporarily fill the resulting vacancy.

Section 5 — Resignations

Resignations from the CoE SAC will be submitted to the Chair. The CoE SAC will reach out to the area for appointment of a new member for the remainder of the designated term.

Section 6 — Recruitment

The current CoE SAC will advertise and recruit new members. Notifications regarding membership will be sent out via email and CoE's internal newsletter. Advertisements will be placed on the digital signs and CoE SAC website.

Article III – Executive Committee

*Note:  When establishing the initial CoE SAC, representatives from the CoE SAC Work Group will be available to serve as advisers, if needed, to assist with the transition of the CoE SAC. Within the first three months, CoE SAC members will hold an election for leadership positions. Terms of the first leadership positions will expire June 30, 2022.

The CoE SAC Executive Committee shall consist of four elected positions — chair, co-chair, secretary, and treasurer. The term period for these positions will run concurrently with the original membership term, not to exceed two years. All CoE SAC members are eligible to serve in any leadership position.

  • Chair: This position is responsible for the general leadership of CoE SAC and will create agendas, run meetings and communicate with the dean, USAC, DCEC and other entities, as needed, on behalf of the CoE SAC. The Chair will share the responsibility of managing the CoE SAC website.
  • Co-Chair: This position will jointly lead CoE SAC with the Chair and will serve as leader in the Chair’s absence. In addition, this individual will take the lead on administering the application and appointment process. 
  • Secretary: This position is responsible for meeting preparation, including securing meeting locations, taking minutes, and providing other administrative support as needed.
  • Treasurer: This position is responsible for managing the budget, including income and expenditures, and budget projections.


The CoE SAC Executive Committee may create and assign work to standing committees or temporary subcommittees on an as needed basis.  For example, the CoE SAC Executive Committee may decide to establish a permanent subcommittee which is responsible for managing the CoE SAC website.

Article IV — Meetings

Section 1 — Regular Meetings

Regular monthly meetings will be held July through June on a date that is decided on by the CoE SAC members. Meetings will take place during regular University hours and are considered University business. A minimum of five CoE SAC members must be present in order for a meeting to be held. Members who are unable to attend a meeting should give notice to the chair.

Any member who misses three consecutive regular monthly meetings may be asked to resign, subject to review by the CoE SAC.

Section 2 — Voting

Each CoE SAC member is entitled to one vote and all motions will be passed by a majority rule. A minimum of five members must be present in order for a motion to be passed.

Section 3 — Special Meetings

The CoE SAC will meet with the dean of the College annually and on an as-needed basis.

The CoE SAC also will hold periodic town hall meetings, in which all staff in the College will be invited to attend.

Article V — Budget

The CoE SAC will propose an annual operating budget and submit it to the dean by April 15 of each year.

*Note: The CoE SAC Work Group is requesting a budget of $10,000 for the initial SAC, with $5,000 supporting professional development and $5,000 supporting networking/relationship building, recognition, events, etc.

Article VI — Amendments

The CoE SAC shall review the guidelines on an annual basis and make amendments as needed with review and approval from