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    Strategic Planning

    A repository of all strategic planning documents for the 2007-08 strategic planning process.

    2008/09 - 2012/13


    Strategic Planning Report - FINAL (pdf) - Posted July 1, 2008

    Strategic Planning Report - Almost final (pdf) - Posted June 26, 2008

    Strategic Planning Report - Draft (pdf) - Posted June 20, 2008

    Strategic Planning Report - Draft
    (pdf) - Posted June 3, 2008

    Rapid Strategic Planning Workshop 2 (04-15-08) (pdf)

    Notes compiled from study team talking points, facilitator discussion notes, and other rough notes of comments made during the 2nd Rapid Strategic Planning Workshop.

    Update on Strategic Planning (01-20-08)

    Framework for Planning (01-18-08)

    A current draft of the strategic planning framework for planning, prepared by the College's Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

    Rapid Planning Workshop Notes (10-26-07)

    Outline and notes generated from the table discussions during the rapid strategic planning workshop held on
    October 26, 2007.

    Group Statements - Rapid Planning Workshop (10-26-07)

    Statements developed by the individual working groups during the Rapid Planning Workshop.

    Dean's Message (10-13-07)

    Message from Dean David Monk with a sketch of the strategic planning process for the College.

    Erickson Memo (6-26-07) (pdf)

    Memo from Provost Rodney Erickson providing guidelines for the strategic planning process for 2008/2009 through 2012/2013.

    Planning Notes (4-30-07)

    Notes compiled by Jonna Kulikowich from the Planning to Plan session held on April 30, 2007.

    Current Strategic Plan (pdf)

    A copy of the College's current strategic plan for 2004/2005 through 2007/2008.