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    Dean's Message (10-13-07)

    Information on the strategic planning process for the Penn State College of Education

    Strategic Plan Memo - October 13, 2007


    Dear Members of the College of Education --  As you may be aware, we are in the process of thinking through how best to approach strategic planning in the College.  What follows is a sketch of the planning process we have developed in collaboration with Penn State’s Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment.  Questions and comments are welcome now as well as throughout the planning period.


    I.  Planning to Plan

    This event took place last spring and brought together a representative group of faculty and staff for a luncheon meeting to discuss the planning process.  Jonna Kulikowich very kindly took notes during this meeting and synthesized a number of the main points that emerged.  We will be posting Jonna’s notes on the web page we will be establishing for the strategic planning process.


    II.  Steering Committee

    I will be appointing a steering committee of faculty and staff members to provide broad oversight for our planning efforts.  I expect this to involve six or seven individuals who will come from different areas of the College.


    III.  Rapid Strategic Planning Workshop

    Louise Sandmeyer and Michael Dooris from Penn State’s Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment will be leading a workshop for us on the morning of October 26th.  We will be inviting approximately 40 faculty and staff members who will be broadly representative of different parts of the College.  Here is the distribution we envision:


    Each Department

    4 faculty members (the Department  Head could be one of the four)
    1 staff member


    Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies, Faculty Development

    2 faculty members (could be a representative from a Center/Institute and could include the Associate Dean)


    Associate Dean for Teacher Education/Undergraduate Studies

    2 faculty and/or staff members (could be a representative from the Advising Center and could include the Associate Dean)


    Associate Dean for Outreach, Technology, International Programs

    2 faculty and/or staff member (could be a rep from ETC and could include the Associate Dean)


    Director of Multicultural Programs 

    1 representative (could be the Director)


    Director of Development and Institutional Advancement

    2 representatives (could include the Director)


    Faculty Council

    Chair of the Council
    Chair-elect of the Council


    Dean’s  Office

    Dean, Administrative Assistant to the Dean,  Human Resources Rep, and the Financial Officer


    The goal of the workshop is (1) to identify key areas for exploration and possible growth; and (2) to identify key strategies for improving our ability to function as a College.


    The expected result of the workshop is the identification of a finite set of Study Teams along with a charge to guide the work of each Study Team.


    Note:  One Study Team has already been established (School Psychology)


    IV.  Study Team Work Plan

    The Steering Committee will conduct an open meeting for each identified Study Team to invite comment and further discussion (not necessary for the School Psychology Study Team).
    The Dean and the Steering Committee will appoint the membership of each Study Team.
    The Study Teams will work during the months of December and January and will issue their reports in early February, 2008


    V.  Department and Planning Unit Responses

    Each Department and Planning Unit (e.g., the Advancement Office, the Advising Center, the Education Technology Center) will prepare a response to the Study Team reports indicating its reaction to the Study Teams’ conclusions and recommendations.  Departments will be asked to incorporate their earlier Companion Analyses into their responses.  Efforts to update the Companion Analyses could be desirable as part of the planning process while the Study Teams are at work.


    VI.  Preparation of the Final Strategic Plan

    The Dean working closely with the Steering Committee will prepare the narrative of the final report to the Provost and will provide opportunities for comment and further discussion.  The plan will be submitted to the Provost on July 1, 2008.
    There will be numerous opportunities for faculty and staff in the College to participate in the planning process, and I encourage you to become involved.  If you have interest in being a part of the Rapid Strategic Planning workshop on October 26th, please make your interest known to the individuals who will be issuing invitations (e.g., the Department Heads or the Associate Deans).

    Many thanks.
    David H. Monk,