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Travel Guidelines

College of Education Guidelines for Travel-Related Faculty Absences

Members of the faculty in the College of Education recognize and accept their responsibility for meeting classes during officially scheduled times. In cases where a faculty member has a need to miss one or more classes because of travel, the faculty member must inform the Department Head prior to finalizing travel plans and share the proposed plan to make sure the missed class(es) is (are) properly covered and to ensure that other responsibilities are covered in a satisfactory manner during the proposed period of absence. The burden for meeting these teaching and other responsibilities rests with the faculty member proposing the absence.

Best practices for covering missed classes include: a) arranging for a qualified substitute instructor; b) polling the class anonymously to see if there is any objection to meeting at a different time; and c) providing viable alternative options for students who cannot attend a make-up session that is acceptable to most members of the class. The Department Head will monitor travel-related faculty absences and will intervene if worrisome patterns are present.

Faculty members proposing travel should also provide contact information so that they can be reached if necessary during the travel.