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How-To Guides

List of how-to guides for using the College of Ed Plone CMS
Creating a New Page
Adding or Creating a Folder
Editing Content on a Page
Adding Links Within a Page
detailed information on how to add links within the site, including browsing the server for information
Changing a Page or Folder's State (publishing)
Adding Files (PDF, Word doc, etc.)
Updating a File
Adding Images to Your Site
Managing the Navigation Bar
changing links, changing the order of items, excluding items, setting up a secondary level
Requesting a Form
How to request a form to be added to your site on the College of Education website.
Managing Folders with the Contents Tab
the contents tab, cutting and pasting objects from one folder to another, deleting items, setting and changing default pages, change the state multiple items
Adding an Announcement or Event
Information on how to add announcements or events to customized announcements bars in the web site.
Editing Issues Help
The editing Tab - Styles, hard and soft returns, using lists, links, pasting in text from other programs
Spring Cleaning Your Web Site
Notes from the June 2009 Editor meeting listing spring cleaning tips, specific content you want to consider updating, and then a review of useful tools in Plone that can help you update your site.
Shortening a page's URL
Adding a news item (College-level)
Managing a Second-Level Landing Page
Second-Level Photos
Manage Vocabularies