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Adding an Announcement or Event

Information on how to add announcements or events to customized announcements bars in the web site.

Announcements and Events that are added to the plone web site will show up on a number of default locations throughout the site. There are a number of customized blue announcements bars. These instructions are for those who have such a customized bar in their site.

These instructions apply for news items (announcements) or events.


  1. Login to the site:
  2. Navigate to the specific folder where you are keeping your news items or events. You will need to go to your main home page, click on Contents, and find the folder in the contents list.
  3. Once you are in the specific folder where you wish to house these items, Select “add Item” – "News Item" or "Event"
  4. Add the content you need for the news item or event.
  5. Remember that the title on the news item will show up as the title on the page, so you do not need to add a headline in the body section. If you do put in a headline, it will show up twice. If you wish to add images, follow the adding images process.
  6. Once you have completed formatting on the page, save the page.
  7. Next you need to set certain parameters so it shows up on your site:
    • Click on the edit tab.
    • Select "categorization"
    • Use the drop down options and click the square for the tag specific to your site. You need to select this tag for it to show up on your site. If you do not have a customized announcements bar or have forgotten the tag for your bar, contact the College Relations Office (
    • Click on "dates"
    • News and feature stories should not expire, but rather should remain published unless there is a compelling reason - such as inaccurate information that cannot easily be corrected - to remove it. If the item is an event, you can add an expiration date to coincide with the date of the event. Otherwise, the event will not expire, even if the actual event date has passed.
    • Please note that on events, the date on the "Default" edit tab should be the actual event dates. The Date under the "Dates" edit tab are the dates you want the event to show up on the site.  For example, for an event that is Dec 1-2, you would set the dates as Dec 1-2 on the default page. However, under the "dates" page, you would set the date to run Oct 15-Dec 2, so that the event is displayed on the site in the time leading up to the event.
    • Save the page
  8. If the page is not already published or public, submit the page by selecting “state:private” in the far right action tab. Select “Submit.” The page will move into a pending state and should be published within 24-48 hours.

Updated Jan. 19, 2017