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Adding Links Within a Page

detailed information on how to add links within the site, including browsing the server for information

To link to a page that is within the College of Education Web site:

You may be tempted to just cut and paste the URL into the address bar of the link dialog box, but you should browse to the page you wish to link to in this way:

  1. select the text you want to link.
  2. Click on the chain icon.
  3. Browse the link list to find the file you want to link to. If you wish to link to a file in a different folder, then you can browse by going up one level, searching for it, or starting in the College Home page by clicking "home" in the bread crumbs.
  4. Select a document by clicking the radio button next to it.
  5. You can also click on links within the link list box to go deeper into a folder to find an item.
  6. After clicking the Radio Button of the object you want to link to, click save.


If you want a link other than a link within the College Website:

  1. On the righthand side, select the type of link you want (e-mail, external, or anchor)
  2. if anchor – select the anchor you want (note: you may need to add anchors to the page first)
  3. If it is outside the college of ed site, click external and then cut and paste the URL you want into the URL space
  4. If you want to link an email, click "Mail" and put in the email address you want to link to.