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Creating a New Page

  1. Browse to the folder where the page should exist. It is very important to know where you want a page to exist, as its placement in a folder will affect where it appears in the navigation.
  2. Go to the “Add New...” User Option (right corner of green bar), and select “Page.”
  3. This will open a page in the edit mode.
    1. Complete the page title, and summary.
    2. To have content display on this page, you need to add some content to the body content area.
  4. IMPORTANT: If you are adding content from Word, do not paste it directly into the body content area. Instead, use the “Paste from Word” option by clicking the icon of a clipboard with a "W" on it, found in the editing toolbar directly above the content area box. This will open a smaller window, into which you then paste the text. Using the Paste from Word option will strip out unwanted code that can make the site less accessible.
  5. Format the content on the page using the styles options.
  6. Select the "settings" subtab at the top of the body content area.
    1. In the settings area: If the page should not be in the navigation, select “exclude from navigation.”
    2. If it should stay in the navigation, do nothing.
  7. Select save at the very bottom of the page.
  8. Look at the page in the view mode, test links. Review the URL. If you wish to shorten the name on the page, you can rename it.
  9. Submit the page when you are ready to publish it.
    1. To submit, while in the "view" tab for the page, go to the banner that shows all the user tabs at the top of the body content area.
    2. Find the State option at the far right of the banner, and select to drop down arrow. Select "submit" from the drop down menu. This will put the page into a pending state, and the site editor will review it and publish it within 24 to 48 hours.

 Updated June 8, 2016