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Changing a Page or Folder's State (publishing)

NOTE: If you have just added an object to the site, it is not live yet! You must submit it for review and publishing.

The CMS has a workflow. New items start out in a private mode and need to be submitted for review before publishing.

Depending on the page’s current status, you will need to submit it or do nothing. To change the status, go to the action tab on the far right. It will say “State: Private” or will list some other state. Click on that and you may get several options.

1. Your most likely option is to “submit.” This will make the page pending. The site manager will then review the page and then publish it, meaning that it will appear on the website. Remember that once you submit a page, it might take up to 48 hours for the site manager to publish it.

2. Retract – If a page is awaiting review in the pending state, you can also retract it. This will make it private again. If a page is currently pending, you will need to retract it before you can edit it.

NOTE – once a page is published, you do not need to change its state before editing it. Any edits you make will go live immediately.

How states are identified on the site:

  1. Top Banner (red=private; green=published)
  2. Color of text in navigation, contents list (red=private; blue=published)

 Updated June 9, 2016