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Managing Folders with the Contents Tab

the contents tab, cutting and pasting objects from one folder to another, deleting items, setting and changing default pages, change the state multiple items

Adding Folders

Refer to the help page titled "Creating a Folder."

The Contents Tab

The Contents Tab is visible when you are in a folder or on the default page of a folder within your site. To see all the folders, pages, and other objects housed in your site, go to your site home page and click on the contents tab.

Cutting and Pasting from One Folder to Another

Go to the folder where the content you wish to cut and paste is located. Click on the contents tab. You will see buttons at the bottom of the page that allow you to do operations such as copy, cut, rename, delete, and change state. To use these operations, check the box to the left of the object you wish to change. Then select your operation (cut, copy, delete, etc.). You can select more than one object.

If you select cut, the object will not be removed from its original folder until you paste it in another folder. To paste items, make sure to copy or cut the original item, then go to the new location, select the contents tab, and then select "paste."

Deleting Items

In the contents tab, select the item you wish to delete by check the box to the left of it. Click on delete at the bottom of the page. If you delete any item, it is still on the database. If you'd like to retrieve it at a later time, let Joe Bigler know.

Changing the state of multiple items

  • Go to the contents tab for the folder that includes the sub-folders or other documents you want to submit.
  • Select the boxes to the left of all the items you wish to submit.
  • Click on "change state" at the bottom of the page.
  • This will bring up the "publishing process" page.
  • If the item you selected is a folder, you will see under the "affected content" table, a header that says "Include folder content"
  • Check the box under the "Include Folder Content" header.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the "submit" radio button (or other option if you wish to change to a different state)
  • Click save.

Setting and Changing Default Pages

The site is organized with folders which house pages. You need to manually identify a page (called a default page) that will show up when users come to a folder, or the site will just list an index of everything in the folder.

To designate or change a default page:

  • Navigate to the folder (you will see the contents tab.)
  • In the Display Tab drop down menu, choose "Select a Content Item as Default View" or "Change a content item as default view."
  • Then select the item you wish to display as the default view.
  • Select "save."

Updated Jan. 19, 2017