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Requesting a Form

How to request a form to be added to your site on the College of Education website.

Joe Bigler can program online forms to collect data from users on your website. Use these instructions to request a form:

1. Plan your form by answering the following questions:

  • What is the new form to be called?
  • Where do you want to form to be created and saved? Identify a folder on your website where this form should be placed.
  • What labels do you want associated with each field in the form? Specify a label for each field. (For example, "First Name," "Last Name," etc.)
  • Which fields are optional and which are required?
  • How do you wish the information to be collected and submitted to you? Some options include:
    • Send each submission to me in a separate e-mail. (Specify the email address to which they should be sent.)
    • Compile each submission into an Excel spreadsheet and send that to me on a regular basis. (Specify the email address to which they should be sent, and how often you want to receive the spreadsheet.)
    • Deposit the data into a database that I can then access and manipulate.
    • What kind of confirmation response do you want the person filling in the form to receive? Should they get an automated email, or would you prefer having a response page that shows up immediately after the form is submitted?
    • What should the response page or email say?
    • Do you want specific contact information included on the form or responses? If yes, please specify the information you want to have included.

2. Map out your form as a PDF or Word Document to share with Joe Bigler. This document should outline the fields in the order desired; mark elements that are required; and contain any instructions or other content that should be included on the form.

3. Submit your request to Joe Bigler using the ETC help form.

Updated June 8, 2016