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Updating a File

NOTE: PDFs and other file types can be very inaccessible to users with screen readers. Please consider the following:

  • If a document is just a text document with no special formatting, the text should be cut and pasted in as a web page.
  • If it is a form, you should request a new interactive form on the site.
  • If it is a longer document, you should make it a Word document and make it accessible using headers and other techniques learned in accessibility training. Word documents are easier than most pdfs to make accessible, so we encourage this route. Word documents can be protected from editing and later changes.


  1. Once you already have a file in the site, it is very easy to replace it or update it. You do not need to use the “add item” or “add to folder” user tab.
  2. Create your replacement file, making it as accessible as possible.
  3. Check your file for accessibility, and then make it accessible.
    1. PDFs:
    2. Word for Windows: Use the accessibility checker available in the software.
    3. Word for Mac: There currently is no accessibility checker in the software, so you need to use your accessibility training to manually check the document.
  4. Make sure you have the file in an easily accessible location on your own computer hard drive.
  5. Go to the folder that houses the current PDF or file you want to replace.
  6. Click on the “Contents” user tab.
  7. Select the file that you want to replace by clicking on its name.
  8. Select the “edit” user tab
  9. You will go to the edit form for this file.
  10. Review the page title and description, and update as needed. The page title should be what ever the link should be called to that document. Make sure it is followed by the file type in parenthesis, ie (pdf)
  11. Click the "certify" button to certify that it is accessible.
  12. Select the reason you are uploading a file, rather than creating a web page.
  13. Under "File" select: Replace with new file.
  14. Click browse and in the dialog box, browse to the file on your computer to identify it for upload.
  15. Select “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Updated June 9, 2016