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    Humphrey Fellows 2010-2011

    A List of the Humphrey Fellows attending the Penn State Humphrey Fellowship Program in the PSU College of Education during the 2010-2011 academic year.

    Jacqueline AustinJacqueline Austin, Director of the Industry Services unit at Barbados Community College in Barbados, is responsible for curriculum design, business planning, and staff management. She is seeking to develop her skills in administration, curriculum development, program assessment and evaluation, and higher education leadership.
    Avila Iturralde Romina Avila is the Coordinator of Accreditation for Santa Maria La Antigua Catholic University (USMA) in Panama where she is responsible for all aspects of the accreditation process for her university. During her fellowship year, Ms. Avila intends to improve and gain experience in the evaluation and accreditation processes in higher education
    Olga Buchko Olga Buchko is the education administrator and coordinator of the quality assessment team at the Odessa National Maritime Academy in Ukraine. She plans to gain knowledge and develop her skills in policy, planning and administration of higher education. She is especially interested in assessment and monitoring education quality.
    Dhlamini Ilangalibalele Ilangalibalele “Edward” Dhlamini is the Bursar of the University of Zimbabwe responsible for all fiscal matters of the university. He wants to focus his fellowship year on business development and management with an in-depth study of project management, strategic planning and financial management.
    Mateo Estrella-Duran Mr. Mateo Estrella Duran is the Dean of the Faculty of Hospitality at the Universidad de Cuenca in Ecuador. He manages the academic and administrative aspects of two academic departments with 500 students, 50 teachers and 10 administrative staff members and is responsible for planning, funding, quality, and academic excellence. Mr. Estrella would like to improve his skills in higher education administration.
    Renata Horvatek Renata Horvatek is the International Relations Officer for the Faculty of Organization and Informatics at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. In her position, she coordinates international agreements with partner universities, manages the exchange of students and professors, and develops, manages, and promoted outreach activities. In addition to higher education administration, Ms. Horvatek is interested in improving access to higher education for underrepresented groups
    Kumar Babasubramanian Dr. B. Venkatesh Kumar is a professor at the Tata Institute of Social Science and the Director of the Indian Council for Social Science Research in Mumbai. As a Humphrey Fellow, Dr. Kumar would like to learn best practices of American universities in terms of administration, effective fundraising, international collaborations, public-private partnerships, and industry linkages.
    niandou-epse-gbobia_anne-mare-moko.jpg Anne-Marie Niandou Epse Gbobia, teacher advisor for the Ministry of Education in Cote d'Ivoire, facilitates the professional development and growth of over 500 in-service EFL teachers at over 100 secondary schools throughout the country. She wants to work in Higher Education Administration and enhance her knowledge of curriculum design, pedagogy, vocational and life-long learning programs, and the use of technology in higher education.
    Simbuka Srifani Srifani Simbuka is a lecturer of English at Manado State Institute for Islamic Studies in Indonesia as well as a researcher, an academic advisor, and head of the Institute’s language unit. She would like to improve her skills in planning and educational administration with a focus on training teachers of English.
    Armany Soliman Amany Soliman is an assistant lecturer at the New Valley branch of Assuit University in Egypt where she is completing her dissertation on the academic standard of quality assurance and accreditation in post graduate programs. Ms. Soliman is interested in education quality, management, research, policy, finance, and administration.
    Tahirsylaj Armend Armend Tahirsylaj is a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Education at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. In addition to teaching courses, he supervises student teachers. Mr. Tahirsylaj would like to expand his knowledge of educational philosophy, curriculum and instruction, assessment, and research methods.
    Karma Thinley Karma Thinley is the Senior Program Officer for the Department of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education in Bhutan where he spearheads the development of higher education in the country. Mr. Thinley would like to study the higher education systems of other countries, accreditation systems, the internationalization of higher education, and distance education.
    Weiguo Yang Dr. Weiguo Yang is a professor and vice chair of the school council in the School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China. He is a teacher, researcher, and academic advisor. Dr. Yang would like to improve his problem-solving abilities, leadership and communication skills, as well as policy planning and decision-making abilities; and continue his research on labor issues and preparing youth for employment.