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    Humphrey Fellows 2006-2007

    Ali Mohammed Ali Al-Agry

    Ali Mohammed Ali Al-Agry
    Assistant Principal and ESL Teacher, Hamza bin Abdulmuttaleb School Sa’da.
    Curriculum development, educational technology, secondary education, planning,special education

    Jean Aram Avril Jean Aram Avril
    Principal, Lycée National de Cité Soleil.
    Teacher training, school administration, budgeting, community development, health-care delivery, needs assessments, non-profit project management.
    Hanan Bait-Obaidoon Hanan Bait-Obaidoon
    Educational Researcher, Ministry of Education.
    Standards-based education, facilitation skills, all aspects of project management
    Alpha Ousmane Camara Alpha Ousmane Camara
    Inspector of Education for English Language Teaching, Ministry of Education.
    Teacher training, information technology, educational administration, EFL methods, classroom supervision and management.
    Tatjana Glusac Tatjana Glusac
    ESP Lecturer, Teacher Trainer for the British Council and the Ministry of Education.
    Teacher training and in-service activities, EFL, accreditation, classroom supervision/coaching.
    Badria Hamdan Badria Hamdan
    Head of Adult Literacy Section, Ministry of Education.
    Adult education, strategic planning, quality improvement, literacy, human resource management.
    Rene Arturo Hernandez Rivas Rene Arturo Hernandez Rivas
    El Salvador
    Teacher of English, University of El Salvador.
    Teacher training and certification, supervision, EFL at the university level, standards.
    Kassem Anwar Kassem Kassem Anwar Kassem Ismail
    Translator, Minister’s Technical Division, Ministry of Education.
    Educational administration and planning, research methods.
    Dawar Khan Dawar Khan
    Principal, Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gahkuch.
    K-12 School leadership, curriculum development, assessment, science education.
    Hepaticca Naw Nyunt Hepaticca Naw Nyunt
    Development Program Coordinator, World Vision International.
    Educational planning, alternative education, program management skills.
    Isabel Gabriela Nava Molina Isabel Gabriela Nava Molina
    Teacher, Universidad de las Americas, Tecnologico de Monterrey.
    Higher education administration and management, workforce skills, alternative education, job-to-work interface, life-long learning.
    Jose Miguel Salazar Jose Miguel Salazar Zegers
    Executive Secretary, Consejo Superior de Educacion.
    Higher education policy-making, institutional research, assessment and accreditation
    Nevila Xhindi Nevila Xhindi
    Executive Director, Center for Comparative and International Studies, Tirana.
    Educational policy-making, comparative studies, democratic governance, project management.
    Zanele Lydia Zwane Zanele Lydia Zwane
    Head Teacher, Teaching Service Commission, Ministry of Education.
    High school administration, project development and management, research tools.