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    Humphrey Fellows 2007-2008

    Rubeena AnjumRubeena Anjum
    Principal of Garrison Academy for Girls.
    K-12, No Child Left Behind, competitiveness, staff development, standards, assessment and accountability and cultural diversity.
    Mary Anyiteh Asaba Mary Anyiteh Asaba
    High school teacher.
    K-12, learning disabilities, diagnosis and interventions, early childhood programs, classroom management, civics and history.
    Adel Ahmad Babtain Adel Babtain
    Saudi Arabia

    Amgalan Bayasgalan Amgalan Bayasgalan
    Dean of the School of Geology, Mongolian University of Science and Technology.
    Environmental sciences, optimal uses, reclamation and history of mining in the United States.
    Demet Gulaldi Demet Gulaldi
    Deputy director of the Metin Sabanci Rehabilitation Center. K-12, psychology, early intervention, infant disabilities and early childhood activities.
    Lawrence Kambiwoa Nunatcho Lawrence Kambiwoa Nunatcho
    Pedagogic inspector (computer science) in the Ministry of Education.
    Computer science pedagogy and education, teacher training and examination questions.
    Sijal Khan Sijal Khan
    Course coordinator, Directorate of Staff Development (Punjab).
    English literature, staff development programs, continuous education of teachers.
    Thin Moe Moe Lwin Thin Moe Moe Lwin
    Educator in the National League for Democracy.
    Educational planning. youth development, English, science, technical schools and information technology.
    Phylicia Hermina Marshall Phylicia Hermina Marshall
    Senior education officer, Ministry of Education.
    Tertiary education, teacher training and identifying training needs.
    Drupadi Munohur Drupadi Munohur
    Rector at Forest Side State Secondary School (Boys).
    K-12, concern for children who have failed primary education exam and pre-vocational education.
    Mouhadjer Noureddine Mouhadjer Noureddine
    English teacher at University of Tlemcen.
    Virtual classrooms, cyberschools and distance education.
    Michal Perle-Kellner Michal Perle-Kellner
    Director, Environmental Protection and Licensing Unit, Israel Electric Co.
    Soil and water pollution remediation, with respect to legislation and regulation in the United States, remediation technologies, implementation and economic aspects.
    Dockeo Phonthachit Dockeo Phonthachit
    Deputy head in the Project Coordination Division, Ministry of Education.
    K-12, planning for development, primary educational administration and school budgets.
    Aissata Traore Aissata Traore
    Head of Girl's Education Department in the Regional Directorate of Education, Niamey.
    K-12, gender, equity, access and community participation.