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    Humphrey Fellows 2011-2012

    Short Bios

    Amal Alachkar

    Dr. Amal Alachkar is the deputy-dean for administrative and student affairs for the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Aleppo in Syria. She teaches courses in pharmacology, supervises graduate students, leads research projects, and works in administration to direct the oversight of all graduate education activities. She aims to gain a critical understanding of theories and practices in strategic planning, quality assurance, program design and assessment, and research project management in higher education.

    Khyatibahen Jiraj Bhatt

    Khyati Bhatt, deputy team leader at Education Support Organization in Ahmedabad, India, is responsible for science curriculum design for middle schools. She is interested in creative approaches to inquiry in science and best practices in methodology, implementation of changes to science education curriculum, and fundraising for education projects.

    Ivana Borosic

    Ivana Borosic is the head of initial accreditation at the Agency for Science and Higher Education in Croatia, where she coordinates evaluation and accreditation of study programs and higher education institutions. During her fellowship year, Ms. Borosic intends to improve and gain experience in the evaluation and accreditation processes in higher education and at accrediting bodies in the United States.

    Denise Neddermeyer

    Dr. Denise Neddermeyer works for CAPES, a federal foundation in charge of the policies for the improvement of personnel for higher and basic education in Brazil. In her professional life she has been working with management and funding for scientific research and also with policies towards international academic mobility. Presently she wants to focus on public policies for effective teaching and learning in K-12 schools.

    Diana Pustula

    Diana Pustula, deputy head of the research services office at University of Warsaw in Poland, is responsible for promoting and developing research and development at the university.  Ms. Pustula is interested in higher education policy and administration as well as research funding and management.  She plans to exchange best practices in university administration during her fellowship year at Penn State.

    Alejandra Santoyo

    Alejandra Santoyo is the assistant director of the academic cooperation office at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where she manages academic activities for professors and researchers. Ms. Santoyo is interested in comparative higher education, administration, and accreditation, and policy.

    Vanhkham Souligna

    Vanhkham Souligna is the managing director of Soutsaka College of Management and Technology in Laos. She would like to gain skills in education administration, study workforce education, and better understand the community college system in the United States. In her position, she is responsible for student affairs, administration, and business operations.

    Tatjana Trebec

    Tatjana Trebec, consultant to the division of academic affairs for the Faculty of Management at the University of Primorska in Slovenia, is interested in cost effective organization, administration, and planning in higher education. She would like to learn best practices in strategic planning and funding at U.S. universities.

    Rashid Turay

    Rashid Turay is a lecturer of secondary school administration at Milton Margai College of Education and Technology in Sierra Leone. In addition to supervising student teachers, Mr. Turay lectures on a variety of topics and has administrative responsibilities. During his fellowship he would like to study administration, gender, and access, retention, and community colleges.

    Wisamitanan Diyaporn

    Diyaporn Wisamitanan, lecturer of English at Thaksin University in Thailand, is interested in multiculturalism, ethnic identity, and language. She works with student groups and youth leaders in her community and would like to gain skills in multicultural education, leadership, peace-building, and service learning.

    Zaru Zarudeen

    Ahamed Lebbe Zarudeen is the zonal director of education at the Zonal Education Department in Wilgamuwa, Sri Lanka, an emergency education region. He works to ensure disadvantaged children have access to education and other resources. During his fellowship year, he would like to learn more about U.S. education policies relating to access and improved quality of education.