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    Humphrey Fellows 2013-2014

    Short Bios
    Erica Anseloni

    Ms. Erika Anseloni is Manager of Regional Sustainable Development at Gaia Social, a Brazilian NGO. She is interested in education policy, and community-economic and social development.


    Ornsiri Cheunsuang

    Dr. Ornsiri Cheunsuang is an associate professor of veterinary neuroanatomy at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Dr. Cheunsuang is interested in higher education administration, curriculum development, and veterinary education.

    Charmaine du Plessis

    Ms. Charmaine du Plessis, Senior Manager of Strategic Communication at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, is focused on strategic communications, student and staff engagement in higher education, and change management.

    Vusal Hasanov

    Dr. Vusal Hasanov is a senior specialist in the Department of Development at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. He is interested in workforce development, project management, research, financial literacy, and technology in education.

    Judith Sakuba

    Ms. Judith Sakubu, Chair of the Board and Director of studies at Ecole Technique d'Administration et de Gestion in Burundi, is focused on K-12 school management, professional development for teachers, improving student performance, school funding, and school reform.

    Vyjayanthi Sankar

    Ms. Vyjayanthi Sankar is Vice President of Strategic Relationships and Large Scale Assessments atEducational Initiatives in Gujarat, India. She is interested in the use of large-scale student assessment data for policy-making and improving learning outcomes.

    Ali Shah

    Mr. Ali Zaman Shah, Deputy Registrar at Federal Urdu University in Islamabad, Pakistan, is interested in best practices in higher education administration including human resources, and student affairs.

    Mian Shu

    Mr. Mian Shu, Executive Officer, Deputy Division Chief of Chengdu Government in western China, is focused on regional education policy, higher education administration, and international education exchange.

    Zodwa Thwala

    Ms. Zodwa Thwala is principal at the High School for the Deaf in Swaziland. She is interested in deaf curriculum studies and research on current issues in relation to deaf education, including mainstreaming of deaf students in tertiary institutions, and school leadership.

    Yvonne Yon

    Ms. Yvonne Yon, Assistant Director of Corporate Services for Namibia Business School, is interested in best practices in higher education administration including international programs, graduate student affairs, and executive training programs.