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    Humphrey Fellows 2014-2015

    Short Bios
    Yosra AbdelkarimYosra Abdelkareem is an English lecturer at University of Khartoum in Sudan. She is interested in teacher training, teaching English as a foreign language, and professional development for teachers.
    Arjana Blazic is a high school English and German Teacher in Zagreb, Croatia. She is focused on education technology, teacher training, m-learning, and TEFL.
    Aye Aye Cho Dr. Aye Aye Cho is a professor at Yangoon University of Education in Myanmar. Her primary interest areas include teacher education, early childhood education, strategic planning, student support services, and fundraising in higher education.
    Tashi Dawa Tashi Dawa is Deputy Chief Program Manager at the Ministry of Education in Bhutan. He is interested in higher education strategic planning, quality assurance, accreditation, education policy, and privatization of higher education.
    Brinda Hurnauth Brinda Hurnauth is an English teacher and head of department at Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Mauritius. Her areas of interest are: TEFL, innovative pedagogy, teacher training, education technology, and leadership.
    Muhammad Khan Muhammad Khan is the director of university advancement and financial aid at BUITEMS, Quetta in Pakistan.  His interests areas include university development, fundraising, student financial assistance, and career services.
    Herizal Nur
    Kamal Pokhrel Kamal Pokhrel is Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Education in Nepal. He is focused on school management and planning, education policy, and educational leadership.
    Muhammad Raza
    Wafaa Shakir Dr. Wafaa Shakir is the head of the department of technical electronics at Technical Institute of Babylon In Iraq. She is focused on teaching technology for higher education, electrical engineering, and higher education policy in Iraq.