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Student Teaching Abroad

A Globalized View of Learning

Look at school a little bit differently...

"It reminds you that you are part of a bigger picture."
--Drew DiSario

As a student-teacher who participates in the College's teaching abroad program, you will satisfy all of the requirements for certification in Pennsylvania.

Drew DiSario in IndiaBut that's not all. You will have the opportunity to live in one of sixteen countries for a semester, experiencing the culture and the diversity of your host country. In addition, you will gain valuable insight into the education systems and the schools of the country you travel to.

Plus, you will have support stateside. You will keep in regular contact with your University supervisor, who will help guide and mentor you throughout your student-teacher experiences. Then you will have the opportunity to put those things that you learned abroad in your classroom at home. You experiences as a global citizen will help you look at the world from a different angle, which is important in today's classroom.

"It influenced who I am as a teacher today. Going abroad has allowed me to see the world on a smaller scale, and it helped when I was interviewing."
--Gina Thompson

Students who have participated in teaching abroad often let us know that employers asked about their experiences overseas and were interested in hearing how it shaped them as educators. By student-teaching abroad, you will be able to offer diversity and depth to many classrooms.

See why many student-teachers say that teaching abroad was one of the most important and best decisions they ever made.

"I saw it as an opportunity to grow as a teacher and as a person."
--Caitlin Vassoler