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Data Support (e-Data)

e-data tech support

In an environment focused on accountability and program improvement, access to and the effective use of program data is essential. In the past decade, the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Bureau of Post Secondary and Adult Education has invested in the development of online data systems to support their statewide network of education providers' accountability and reporting requirements, and to inform providers' program improvement efforts. The Bureau's Division of Adult Education (DAE) provides funds to the Institute to coordinate a state leadership project (Management Information System (MIS) Support) to support these efforts. Data support staff are available to:

1) Assist DAE and providers' staff with various data tasks, including data entry, reports, and analyses, and

2) Provide professional development and consultation on collection, management, analyses, and interpretation of quantitative data in the online data systems and qualitative data to support decisions for improving practice.

Contact Information

Tech Support Line: 877-857-8869
Fax: 814-863-6108

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