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Part 6: Graduation

Section 6.1: Publication Requirement

Publishing an article in a professional journal is an excellent way to communicate one’s research. Therefore, prior to graduation, all doctoral candidates in the Ph.D. program are required to submit at least one article for publication in a (preferably refereed) professional journal. Although it is not necessary that the article be published, a copy of the letter of receipt from the journal, along with a copy of the article, must be present in the student’s file prior to the scheduling of graduation. If a student submits an article for publication based on her/his dissertation research, it is considered appropriate to include her/his thesis advisor as a co-author if that person has given substantial input to the article.

Section 6.2: Graduation Requirements

Congratulations! The race has been run successfully. To graduate, activation of a diploma card and payment of the thesis fee are necessary during the semester in which one wishes to graduate. Check the specific deadlines and fee requirements listed in the Graduate Bulletin and the requirements listed on the appropriate degree checklist (see Appendices J, K & L).


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Part 6: Graduation

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