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Course List

In addition to the courses listed below, the College offers a number of research courses in other programs.

  • These required Ph.D. courses are offered residentially every year: ADTED 521 (fall), ADTED 542 (fall; also offered via World Campus), ADTED 550 (fall; web version is also offered annually).
  • These required Ph.D. courses are offered residentially every other year: ADTED/CIED 508 (spring) and ADTED 510 (spring; also offered annually via World Campus). ADTED 508 and 510 alternate every other spring.
  • All residential elective courses are offered every other year, except for ADTED/CIED 562, which is offered every fall.
  • Recommended schedule for doctoral students (note: ADTED 508 is not required for D.Ed. students)
    • Year 1, fall: ADTED 521, ADTED 542, elective
    • Year 1, spring: ADTED 508 or 510, 2 electives
    • Year 2, fall: ADTED 550, 2 electives
    • Year 2, spring: LDT 574 (Applied Qualitative Research), ADTED 508 or 510, elective
    • Year 2, summer: ADTED 551
    • Year 3, fall: remaining course requirements (total of 15 courses for D.Ed. and 16 courses for Ph.D.)
    • Year 3, spring & summer: comps and proposal
    • Year 4: dissertation research and writing

*course frequency and semester are subject to change*

ADTED 456 Introduction to Family Literacy (World Campus, Fall)
Introduces family literacy concepts, models, and components supporting families: adult, child, and parent education; interactive literacy activities; and case management.

ADTED 457 Adult Literacy (World Campus, Summer)
Surveys adult basic and literacy education research, theory, programming, and instruction; highlights learners' roles as parents, workers, and community members.

ADTED 458 Early Literacy Development (World Campus, Fall)
Focuses on young children's language and literacy development, including parental and staff support, grounded in scientifically based reading research

ADTED 459 Interactive Literacy & Parent Involvement: Supporting Academic Success (World Campus, Spring)
Explores parental involvement in education and parent-child literacy activities that support children's language and literacy development, especially among diverse families.

ADTED 460 Introduction to Adult Education (World Campus, Fall, Spring, Summer)
History, methods, agencies, program areas, and problems of adult education in the United States

ADTED 470 (CI ED) Introduction to Distance Education (World Campus, Spring, Summer)
An introduction to the history, philosophy, organizations, learning theories,and instructional procedures used in American and foreign distance education.

ADTED 480 Teaching Math and Numeracy to Adults (World Campus, Fall Semester)
Examines issues of learning math as an adult and explores effective strategies for teaching math and numeracy to adults.

ADTED 560 Teaching Reading to College Students and Adults (World Campus, Spring Semester)
Reading literacy for adults, including college reading, Adult Basic Education (ABE), and General Educational Development (GED) programs.

ADTED 496 Independent Studies (World Campus, Fall, Spring, Summer)

ADTED 497/498 Special Topics (World Campus, Occasional)

ADTED 505 The Teaching of Adults (Penn State Harrisburg) (World Campus, Summer)
Examination of direct and indirect teaching, contracts, application of current technology, andragogy, motivation, valuation, and knowledge of research

ADTED 506 Program Planning in Adult Education (World Campus, Summer)
Intensive study of theoretical foundations, policies, evaluation models, methods, and materials in program planning in adult education

ADTED 507 Research and Evaluation in Adult Education World Campus, Fall)
Guided discussion and reading in selected research and evaluation methods and trends as applied in adult education settings

ADTED 508 (CI ED) Globalization and Lifelong Learning (Residential, every other Spring)
Examination of globalization discourses and their relationships, implications and impacts on lifelong learning processes and contexts

ADTED 509 (CI ED) Language, Literacy, Identity and Culture in a Global Context (World Campus, Summer) (Residential, every other Spring)
Examination of the relationship between issues of language, identity and culture for adult learners in an increasingly global context

ADTED 510 Historical and Social Issues in Adult Education (World Campus, Fall, Spring) (Residential, every other Spring)
Social and historical foundations in adult education in the United States and selected nations

ADTED 521 Doctoral Proseminar in Adult Education (Residential, every Fall)
An orientation to the field of adult education and to doctoral study in the Adult Education Program at Penn State.

ADTED 531 Course Design and Development in Distance Education (World Campus, Fall, Spring)
In depth study of the practices of designing courses taught by print, broadcast, and telecommunications media to adult distance learners

ADTED 532 Research and Evaluation in Distance Education (World Campus, Spring)
Study of previous, current, and needed research and of strategies and issues concerning evaluation in distance education

ADTED 533 Global Online and Distance Education (World Campus, Fall) (Residential, every other Year)
Students will explore the historical and current developments of online and distance education in different regions of the world

ADTED 542 Perspectives on Adult Learning Theory (World Campus, Fall) (Residential, every Fall)
Introduction to adult education learning theory, principles, and models of adult learning by adults alone, in groups, and in communities

ADTED 543 (AFR, CI ED) Comparative and International Trends in Adult Literacy Education (Residential, Occasional)
This course critically examines the broad contemporary issues and interdisciplinary trends of literacy education with an international and comparative framework

ADTED 549 (HI ED) Community Junior College and Technical Institutes (Residential, Occasional)
Distinctive contributions to meeting the need for postsecondary education; development, functions, curriculum and instruction, government, administration, and finance

ADTED 550 Qualitative Research in Adult Education (Residential, every Fall; web-based, annual)
Introduction to the theory, principles, and practice of qualitative research.

ADTED 551 Qualitative Data Analysis (Residential, typically every Maymester)
Students learn to analyze data qualitatively by engaging in, and continuously reflecting on the process

ADTED 552 Participatory Action Research (Residential, every other Spring)
Introduction to the major theoretical and practical issues in the design and implementation of Participatory Action Research

ADTED 560 Teaching Reading to College Students and Adults (World Campus, Spring)
Reading literacy for adults, including college reading. Adult Basic Education (ABE), and General Educational Development (GED) programs.

ADTED 561 Family Literacy (Residential,  every other Fall)
Examines the research related to the four components of family literacy (adult literacy, early childhood education, parenting, and parent ? child interaction), theoretical underpinnings, program effectiveness, and considerations with culturally and linguistically diverse populations

ADTED 562 Politics, Language and Pedagogy: Applying Paulo Freire today (Residential, every Fall)
Examines the work of Paulo Freire as it applies to community action projects

ADTED 564 (CI ED) Social and Cultural Perspectives on Work and Learning (Residential, every other Spring)
Examination of the relationship between learning and work with special attention given to how certain forms of learning are legitimized

ADTED 570 (CI ED) Comparative and International Adult Education (Residential, every other year, usually Fall)
Critical and comparative analysis of adult education theory and practice outside North America, including international agency involvement

ADTED 572 (CI ED) Policy Studies in Lifelong Learning (Residential, Occasional)
Examination of the approaches and frameworks to the study of lifelong learning policies and the relationship between lifelong learning issues and problems, policy development, policy actors and institutional structures that support them

ADTED 580 Adult Education Research Seminar (Residential, Occasional)
A seminar dealing with specific research topics and methods in adult education. Open to advanced students in adult education

ADTED 581 Social Theory and Lifelong Learning in Adult Education (Residential, every other Spring)
In-depth coverage of social theory, especially as it intersects with research in adult education and lifelong learning.

ADTED 588 Professional Seminar: Research and Adult Education (World Campus, Fall, Spring, Summer)
Review of research in adult education, current and past, with analysis of its directions, effects, methodology, quality, financing, and prospects

ADTED 590 Colloquium in Adult, Continuing and Distance Education (Residential, Occasional)
Continuing seminars that consist of a series of individual lectures by faculty, students, or outside speakers

ADTED 594 Research Topics (Residential, Occasional)
Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis

ADTED 595 Internships in Adult Education
Supervised student internship in adult education agency

ADTED 596 Individual Studies
Creative projects including non-thesis research, supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses

ADTED 597/598 Special Topics

ADTED 600/610 Thesis Research

ADTED 601/611 Dissertation Research

ADTED 602 College Teaching