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Distance Education

Information on the Distance Education emphasis area

The Distance Education Emphasis Area focuses on the theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings of distance education.

Sample of Adult Education Courses


ADTED 470 (CI ED) - Introduction to Distance Education (3 credits):
An introduction to the history, philosophy, organizations, learning theories, and instructional procedures used in American and foreign distance education.

ADTED 508 (CI ED) - Globalization and Lifelong Learning (3 credits):
Examination of globalization discourses and their relationships, implications and impacts on lifelong learning processes and contexts.

ADTED 509 (CI ED) - Language, Literacy, Identity, and Culture in a Global Context (3 credits):
Examines the relationship between issues of language, literacy, identity and culture for adult learners in an increasingly global context

ADTED 531 - Course Design and Development in Distance Education (3 credits):
In depth study of the practices of designing courses taught by print, broadcast, and telecommunications media to adult distance learners.

ADTED 532 - Research and Evaluation in Distance Education (3 credits):
Study of previous, current, and needed research, strategies, and issues concerning evaluation in distance education

ADTED 570 (CI ED) - Comparative and International Adult Education (3 credits):
Critical and comparative analysis of adult education theory and practice outside North America, including international agency involvement

ADTED 572 (CI ED) - Policy Studies in Lifelong Learning (3 credits):
Examination of the approaches and frameworks to the study of lifelong learning policies and the relationship between lifelong learning issues and problems, policy development, policy actors and institutional structures that support them.

Sample of Courses from Supporting Areas

INSYS 527 - Designing Constructivist Learning Environments

INSYS 543 - Designing Information Systems

INSYS 571 - Advanced Educational Systems Design

EDTHP 500 - Proseminar in Educational Theory and Policy

HIED 562 - Organizational Theory and Higher Education

EDPSY 528 - Instructional Psychology