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Learning in the Workplace and in the Community

information about the Learning in the Workplace and in the Community emphasis area

The Learning in the Workplace and in the Community Emphasis Area focuses on adult education theories and practices aimed primarily at the structural transformation of institutions and society. These efforts occur in a variety of settings such as, schools, churches, and workplace; and via diverse agencies, such as community-based organizations.

Sample of Adult Education Courses

ADTED 509 (CI ED) - Language, Literacy, Identity, and Culture in a Global Context (3 credits):
Examines the relationship between issues of language, literacy, identity and culture for adult learners in an increasingly global context.

ADTED 541 (WMNST)  - Women and Minorities in Adult Education (3 credits):
Examines the role of diverse women as education activists, as working class mothers, as literacy advocates, and as human rights activists.

ADTED 552 - Participatory Action Research (3 credits):
Examines the origins, historical development, main characteristics, methodological assumptions and models, and the practice of participatory action research in adult education and community development.

ADTED 562 - Politics, Language, and Pedagogy:
Applying Paulo Freire Today (3 credits): Examines the work of Paulo Freire as it applies to community action projects.

ADTED 564 (CI ED) - Social and Cultural Contexts of Adult Learning and Work (3 credits):
Examines the relationship between learning and work with special attention given to how certain forms of learning are legitimized.

ADTED 570 (CI ED) - Comparative and International Adult Education (3 credits):
Critical and comparative analysis of adult education theory and practice outside North America, including international agency involvement.

Sample of Courses from Supporting Areas


AG EC 450 - International Development, renewable Resources, and the Environment

ANTH 556 - Social Organization of Traditional Societies

ANTH/WMNST 476 - Anthropology of Gender

ARCH 542 - Topics in Community and Urban Design

IRHR 502 - Organization of the Workplace

IRHR 536 - Diversity in the Workplace

MGMT 538 - Seminar in Organizational Theory

R SOC 505 - Leadership Development

R SOC 516 - Change in Rural Society

R SOC 517 - International Rural Social Change

R SOC 552 - Theoretical Frameworks for Rural Community Research