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Literacy for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations

Information about this emphasis area in the Ph.D. program in Adult education

The Literacy for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations Emphasis Area studies the socio-cultural nature of literacy, including its multiple definitions, programs, and research. Literacy issues and their impact on individuals and societies are studied in context in the USA and internationally.


Sample of Adult Education Courses

ADTED 509 (CI ED) - Language, Literacy, Identity, and Culture in a Global Context (3 credits):
Examines the relationship between issues of language, literacy, identity and culture for adult learners in an increasingly global context.

ADTED 541 (WMNST) - Women and Minorities in Adult Education (3 credits):
Examines the role of diverse women as education activists, as working class mothers, as literacy advocates, and as human rights activists.

ADTED 560 (LL ED) - Teaching Reading to College Students and Adults (3 credits):
Reading/literacy for adults, including college reading, Adult Basic Education (ABE), and General Educational Development (GED) programs.

ADTED 561 - Family Literacy (3 credits):
Examines the research related to the four components of family literacy (adult literacy, early childhood education, parenting, and parent ? child interaction), theoretical underpinnings, program effectiveness, and considerations with culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

ADTED 562 - Politics, Language, and Pedagogy: Applying Paulo Freire Today (3 credits):
Examines the work of Paulo Freire as it applies to community action projects.


Sample of Courses from Supporting Areas

LL ED 526 - The Psychology of Reading

LL ED 542 - Issues in Literacy Education

LL ED 544 - Literacy and Language Assessment for Instructional Decisions

LL ED 577 - Multicultural Issues in Literacy Education

LL ED 580 - Media Literacy