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World Campus FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for courses?

In order to register for courses at Penn State, you must first complete an application to the University. We recommend that you first apply as a “Non-Degree Graduate”, this will enable you to begin taking courses immediately (versus waiting for a program admissions decision). There are no transcripts required for a Non-Degree Graduate Student, but you must pay an application fee.

If you wish to apply to the M.Ed. in Adult Education (ADTED), you can do so at a later date. Enrolling as a degree student is a separate process, with a separate application fee.

No more than 15 credits as a non-degree student can be counted toward the M.Ed. degree in Adult Education. We recommend that when you reach the 9 non-degree credit limit is when you begin to apply to the program.

What form of the GRE must I take?

The GRE exam that you want to take is the General Test. The test scores that we use in our admission process are the Verbal and Quantitative results.

How do I schedule a course?

If this is your first course with Penn State, either as a non-degree student or as an accepted student in the program, you will need to submit a completed Access Account Acceptance Statement and a completed Registration Form. Once the forms are completed you may fax them to the World Campus Office at 814-865-3290.

Once you obtain the Access Account Acceptance Statement, you must print your name, put your PSU ID# on the form, sign and date the form. Leave the Access account user ID blank. This will be assigned to you by the computer accounts office.

Your Penn State Access Account is charged each semester based upon your total number of credits. For more information see the tuition table.

Your schedule is not complete until you go into elion then select "Bills Tuition/Other to confirm your registration and pay your bill.

When will my Penn State Access Account expire?

An information technology (IT) fee will provide you with a Penn State Access Account and is assessed when you register for your first course. In order for your Access Account to be active, you must be registered each semester except for Summer. If you begin as a first-time non-degree student or as a newly admitted student for Summer semester then you must pay the fee and be registered.

How do I obtain a student ID card?

Your student ID card will be mailed to you by the World Campus after the drop/add period.  If you do not receive your card within six weeks after the start of the World Campus courses, then please contact the World Campus office at 1-800-252-3592.

I need a receipt for reimbursement. How can I get one?

Contact the Staff Assistant by calling 814-865-0473 and a letter will be sent to you via email stating the amount that you paid for tuition and the course(s) in which you were enrolled.

In what order should I take my required MED courses?

The program recommends that the following sequence of courses be followed.

  1. ADTED 460

  2. ADTED 470

  3. ADTED 498A

  4. ADTED 507

  5. ADTED 506

  6. ADTED 510

  7. ADTED 588

A University requirement implemented in 2009 requires all graduate students to complete training in the responsible conduct of research within their first two semesters of enrollment (see Scholarship and Research Integrity Requirement).  Because this topic is incorporated in ADTED 460 (Introduction to Adult Education), you should enroll in ADTED 460 in either your first or second semester of study. Please do not put off taking ADTED 507 since this course will help you better understand the research literature read for other courses, as well as help you begin to think about the topic for your final Masters Paper to be developed during ADTED 588. No one can take ADTED 588 without first completing the other required courses, although you may take ADTED 588 along with another required course upon permission from your advisor. If you have any specific advising questions on what courses you need to take, you should contact your advisor.

When are the required courses offered?

  • ADTED 460 - Fall, Spring, Summer
  • ADTED 470 - Fall, Spring, Summer
  • ADTED 498A - Fall, Summer
  • ADTED506 - Spring, Summer
  • ADTED 507 - Fall, Summer
  • ADTED 510 - Fall, Spring
  • ADTED 531 (Optional) - Fall
  • ADTED 532 (Optional) - Spring
  • ADTED 588 - Fall, Spring, Summer

How do I access the World Campus programs?

World Campus

M.Ed. in Adult Education
Program website -

Distance Education Certificate

Family Literacy Certificate

Do I have to complete the program within a certain amount of time?

Yes, all requirements for the master’s program (including acceptance of your master’s paper) must be met within eight years of admission to degree status. Extensions may be granted by the Director of Graduate Enrollment Services in appropriate circumstances.

Do I have to complete a course within a certain amount of time?

Adult Education courses have specific start and end dates. Assignments must be completed within these dates.

What happens if I can’t complete the course by the specified end date?

Instructors my defer grades for students who were unable to complete course assignments on schedule due to circumstances beyond their control. To request a deferred grade (“DF”), submit your request to your instructor by email before the official end of the course. If your request for a deferred grade is approved, the grade will appear on your transcript as a DF. You will have until the end of the sixth week of the following semester to complete your assignments. At that time, the DF will need to be changed, either to an appropriate grade or the system will automatically convert the grade to an F.

Can I drop a course once the course has started?

Yes, it is possible to drop a course after the course has started. It is imperative that you notify the instructor that you are dropping the course and drop the course through eLion.

For further information on dropping a course please visit the following website:

What happens if this is the only course I’m taking and I want to drop the course?

If you want to drop your last course you need to contact the program staff assistant.

What do I need to do the semester I intend to graduate?

You can file your intent to graduate by using eLion.  After you have activated your intent to graduate, then you can notify the Graduate School to ask for your Letter of Certification stating that you will graduate at the end of that semester.

By the way, we hope all students would come to the graduation, but such attendance is certainly not required. For those that do attend, the experience provides a great chance to see fellow students and faculty face-to-face.

Why can’t I graduate the semester I take ADTED 588?

One important difference between a graduate and undergraduate degree is the fact that graduate degrees usually require more than simply taking a certain number of courses and earning a certain number of credits. Graduate degrees also require a professional research activity such as a master’s paper, thesis, or dissertation. The graduate school requires validation of completion of such professional projects well in advance of the end of the semester in which one graduates. This requirement is necessary to give opportunity for such projects to go through the review process within the program and the graduate school. Penn State is no exception here. A master’s paper would have to be in a rough draft stage by the fourth week of a semester and in final bound form by the end of eighth week to permit a degree to be awarded in that semester. Thus, for most students who take ADTED 588, their degree is awarded at the end of the following semester.

I was not able to take a course last semester (or past several semesters). What do I need to do to resume my studies?

You will need to complete a resume study form.  The form can be found under forms available to public.
You need to complete the left hand side of the form and fill out when you were last registered. Campus location for World Campus is WD.

After completing the form, please fax it to the number on the form or you can mail it to the address on the form.

What are the rules on transfer credits from an external institution?

Although 10 credits are permitted to transfer from an external institution, for most people this translates into 9 credits, since most graduate courses are 3 credit courses. Your advisor must first approve any courses for which you wish to apply for transfer. You need to supply your advisor with a course outline or course description of the courses that you wish to transfer.  Transfer of Credit from an External Institution must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have been earned at an accredited institution and must be of graduate level quality

  2. Must have been earned within the five years prior to the date of registration to a degree program at Penn State

  3. Must be of A or B grade value (B- grades are not acceptable; pass-fail grades are not transferable unless substantiated by the former institution as having at least "B" quality)

  4. Must appear on an official graduate transcript

  5. Credits earned to complete a previous master's degree may not be applied to a second master's degree at Penn State

After approval is given by the Graduate School, you will be sent confirmation entitled Graduate Advanced Standing of the courses that were transferred.

What is the current tuition rate for World Campus courses?

Please see the World Campus website for the tuition rate as the tuition rate varies every year. In general World Campus students (even those in other states and countries), pay in-state tuition (that is, the same rate as Pennsylvania residents).

What are the policies and guidelines for the use of human subjects in my research?

To learn more about policies and guidelines regarding the use of human participants in research, please visit the Office for Research Protections (ORP) website. For a complete review of federal and university research guidelines, visit You will learn more about this topic in ADTED 460 and ADTED 507.

How do I go about resolving concerns over a grade in a course?

A student who wishes to question or challenge the grade assigned in a course must first discuss grading practices and assignments directly with the instructor. It is expected that the student and instructor will try to eliminate any misunderstandings and will attempt to work out any disagreements over grades. If this process does not resolve your concerns, you then follow the university policy on grade mediation and adjudication, better known as G-10.

How do I find out my final course grade?

Upon completion of the course, your instructor will post your grade in the course management system (ANGEL). Your official course grade will be available through the University’s eLion system approximately two-four weeks later.

Unofficial transcripts can also be viewed through eLion (select “Transcripts” from the eLion menu). Official transcripts can also be ordered through that same link or by contacting the registrar’s office.

What do I do if have a question that isn’t answered in this FAQ?

If your question is about the content of the course, you should contact the course instructor. If your question is about World Campus policies or procedures, you should contact a World Campus staff member at 1-800-252-3592 or by emailing If it is a program related question contact the program staff assistant at 814-865-0473.