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Graduate Minor

For students interested in pursuing a minor

The minor in Adult Education is open to all interested graduate students. This 15-credit minor may be combined with any graduate major at Penn State. Only courses in which the student earns a "C" or better may be counted toward the fulfillment of the requirements. 

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Adult Education will need to complete a minor application.  Any time there is a change to the minor application, such as a student wishes to take a different course, a new application must be submitted to the program administrative assistant per Graduate School requirement.

REQUIRED COURSES:  Choose any two of the following four courses - ADTED 460, ADTED 508, ADTED 510 and ADTED 542

ELECTIVE COURSES:  Choose any three ADTED courses.   If student takes ADTED 460 as a required course, then at least one elective must be at the 500 level.