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Doctoral Graduates

Spring 2017

Sylvia A. Owiny, Ph.D.
Adult Education as a Strategy to Engage People-Centered Social Development in Uganda and Tanzania
Chair: Landislaus M. Semali
Campus: University Park

Jinjie Wang, Ph.D.
Exchange Teachers' Professional Development and how their Experiences in the USA and China Influence their Global Teacher Identity
Chair: Landislaus M. Semali
Campus: University Park

Summer 2017

Annette Hestres, Ph.D.
Learning Experiences of LGBQ Latina, Chicana, and Puerto Rican Faculty Members in Higher Education Institutions in the United States and Puerto Rico
Chair: Fred Schied
Campus: University Park

Thomas Kammerling, Ph.D.
The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Age in Developmental Mathematics
Chair: Adnan A. Qayyum
Campus: University Park

Allyson Krupar, Ph.D.
Women's Empowerment and Forced Migration: A Visual Ethnography of Experiences in NGO-Sponsored Adult Education Programs in DADAAB, Kenya
Chair: Esther Prins
Campus: University Park

Fall 2017

Thomas Spencer, Ph.D.
Multi-Site Empirical Study of International Student Adjustment
Chair: Esther S. Prins
Campus: University Park

Keon Liberato, Ph.D.
Organizing In The Working-Class: Contradictions, Learning & The Making of Left Organizers
Chair: Fred M. Schied
Campus: University Park