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Spring 2006

Sandra B. Kern, D.Ed.
Learning Preferences of a Diverse Group of Community College Students: A Qualitative Study
Chair: Elizabeth J. Tisdell
Campus: Harrisburg

Willaim Kofi Koomson, D.Ed.
Adult Learner Participation & Outcome: A Comparison Study Between the Community ABE/GED Program and Family Literacy Program in Two Countries: Do Different Strategies yield Different Results?
Chair: Eunice Askov
Campus: University Park

Jr-Shiuan Liang, D.Ed.
Motivations for Older Adults’ Participation in Distance Education: A Study at the National Open University of Taiwan
Chair: Derek C. Mulenga
Campus: University Park

Vicki Root, D.Ed.
Teaching Social Work Students Through Culturally Responsive Education: An Action Research Study Drawing on Spirituality and Culture
Chair: Elizabeth J. Tisdell
Campus: Harrisburg

Summer 2006

Christine M. Mulhollen, D.Ed.
The Relationship Between Multiple Intelligences and Attitude Toward Independent Learning in a high Transactional Distance Environment
Chair: Michael G. Moore
Campus: University Park

Steven Shaffer, D.Ed.
Toward a System Dynamics Model of Teaching Computer Programming Via Distance Education
Chair: Melody M. Thompson
Campus: University Park

Fall 2006

Juliet A. Smith, D.Ed.
Voices, Values, Views: A Narrative Ethnography of a volunteer Literacy program Student Involvement Group
Chair: Fred Schied
Campus: University Park

Elinami Veraeli Swai, D.Ed.
Construction of Womanhood in Africa: The Case of Women in Rural Tanzania
Chair: Ian Baptiste
Campus: University Park