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Spring 2013

Janet De Rosa, D.Ed
Mexican American adults in higher education
Chair: Elizabeth Tisdell
Campus: Harrisburg

J Paul Rutter III, D.Ed
Obstacles to Funding Higher Education for Adults: An Analysis of Selected Pennsylvania Voters
Chair: Fred Schied
Campus: University Park

Kyoung Phi Joo, Ph.D
Resistance among Alienated Adult Students in Korea National Open University: A Cultural-Historical Activity Theory Analysis of Contradictions in Distance Higher Education
Chair: Fred M. Schied
Campus: University Park

Summer 2013

Joanna Lyons, D.Ed
Attitudes, Beliefs, and Norms of Adult Research Participants as a Basis for Outreach Education Programming
Chair: Melody Thompson
Campus: University Park


Fall 2013

Sinwoong Park, Ph.D
From Social Motives to Spiritual Development: A Cultural Historical, Activity Theory Analysis of Communal Spiritual Development in a Korean, American House Church
Chair: Gary W. Kuhne
Campus:  University Park

Lisa Bailey-Davis, D Ed
Learning and Engagement in the Local Food Movement
Chair: Edward W. Taylor
Campus: Harrisburg

Elana Betts, D Ed
Fostering LGBTQ Advocacy in School Psychology as Adult Education: Shaping Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceived Control
Chair: Elizabeth Tisdell
Campus: Harrisburg

Carrie Pucino, D Ed
Understanding the Transformation of Compassion in Nurses Who Become Patients
Chair: Edward W. Taylor
Campus: Harrisburg

Rebecca Stametz, D Ed
Bringing the Adult Learning-Experience of Successful Weight Loss Maintenance into Focus: A Narrative Analysis with Implications for Educators and Clinicians
Chair: Robin Redmond-Wright
Campus: Harrisburg