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Doctoral Graduates

Spring 2015

Robert J. Freer, Ph.D
A Comparative Study of Health Literacy and how Rural Communities Understand Hypertension Information in Uganda and Tanzania
Chair: Ladislaus M. Semali
Campus: University Park

Jeremiah Gee, Ph.D
Here and Back Again: Community Reentry from a Rural Country Jail as a Learning Experience
Chair: Melody Thompson
Campus: University Park

Lorna R. Kearns, Ph. D
The Experience of Teaching Online: It’s Impact on Faculty Professional Development and Innovation
Chair: Melody M. Thompson
Campus: University Park

Fall 2015

Ramazan Gungor, Ph.D
Social Support among Women in Adult Literacy Classrooms: The Case of the Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV) in Turkey
Chair: Esther S. Prins and David Post
Campus: University Park

Angela J. Mooney, Ph.D
(Un)intended Outcomes of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards: A Narrative Inquiry into the Learning Experience of English Learners’ Teachers
Chair: Esther S. Prins
Campus: University Park