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Edward W. Taylor


Ed. D., University of Georgia, 1993
Professor of Education
Penn State - Harrisburg, Adult Education Program

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Dr. Edward W. Taylor is a Professor of Adult Education at Penn State University-Harrisburg. He received his Ed.D. in Adult Education from the University of Georgia. Research interests include adult cognition and learning (transformative learning), nonformal education, medical education. His work has appeared in Adult Education Quarterly, International Journal of Lifelong Education, Studies in the Education of Adults and among other scholarly journals. He recently published an edited book “Teaching For Change: Fostering Transformative Learning in the Classroom.” He has been a co-editor of the Adult Education Quarterly since 2006 and active member of the planning committee for several International Transformative Learning Conferences. Prior to joining the faculty at Penn State, Ed was a Core faculty member at Antioch University for six years. Before his venture into higher education he worked for Eckerd Family Youth Alternatives as a training specialist (adventure-based education) in Clearwater, Florida.


Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Taylor, E. W., & Crystal, A. (2008). Museum Education: Nonformal Adult Educator's Perspective. The Journal of Museum Education, 33 (1), 23-32.
  • Taylor, E., Tisdell, E., and Gusic, M. (2007).  Teaching beliefs of medical educators: Perspectives on clinical teaching in pediatrics. Medical Teacher, 29 (4), 371-376.
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  • Taylor, E. W. (2006). Nonformal Education: Practitioner's perspective Adult Education Quarterly, 56, 291-307.


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