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Ian Baptiste


Ed.D., Northern Illinois University, 1994
Associate Professor of Education
Professor-in-Charge of Adult Education Program
Full CV Available Here

"They say I'm entitled to my own opinions .... They lie!
Nothing gives me the right to opinions I am unwilling to defend."

Dr. Ian Baptiste is an Associate Professor of Education and Professor-in-Charge of the Adult Education program at The Pennsylvania State University. He was born in Trinidad and raised in Grenada (two island-nations in the Caribbean). He holds a B.Sc., in Agriculture; a master's degree in Education; and a doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education. Professor Baptiste taught at National-Louis University (Chicago) for three and a half years, and chaired the department of Adult Education for most of his tenure there. He joined the Adult Education program at Penn State in August 1997, and has been serving as its chair since 2003.

Professor Baptiste writes, publishes, and teaches in the areas of community organizing and development, civic engagement and democratic participation, adult and informal learning, and qualitative and mixed methods research. He is currently conducting research on Governance of Disadvantaged Communities. In that regard, he is investigating ways to coordinate the resources of individuals, groups, and associations to optimize well-being for residents of disadvantaged communities. Pursuant to this interest, Dr. Baptiste has, since 2002, been working in two localities - the Caribbean island of Grenada, and Philadelphia, USA. Within both locales, he conducts ethnographic research with, and provides technical assistance to, mostly struggling community organizations.

In addition to serving on local, national, and international professional committees in his field, Professor Baptiste has also been an advisor and consultant to community and faith-based organizations, governmental and non-governmental agencies, universities and community colleges--in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Grenada, Trinidad, South Africa, Mauritius, South Korea, and Myanmar (Burma). Dr. Baptiste also serves as a manuscript reviewer amd consulting editor for top-ranking professional journals in the fields of adult education, community development, community psychology, mixed-methods research, and educational research--in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

During the 2007-2008 academic year, Dr. Baptiste was a visiting professor with the Public Health Department of St. George’s University. In that capacity he developed and taught a new course (Community Organization for Health Promotion) and assisted the department in improving its research infrastructure.