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Education Classes open to Undergraduates

Design studio is an environment for students to design innovative educational software. By working in the Studio for an extended period students can create educational products that form the foundation of their research.

The studio includes three levels.
Level 1: Students learn the foundational skills needed to create digital technologies for education. Students may remain in Level 1 for up to 3 semesters unless they enter the program with well-developed technical skills. Level 1 addresses 3 areas:

  • Designing and developing educational web materials
  • Designing and developing interactive educational materials
  • Designing and developing educational materials with emerging technologies

Level 2: Students learn the processes of planning, designing, and developing interactive multimedia by working on a personally relevant multimedia project. The scope of the project is negotiated between each student and the instructor, but extends the skills and knowledge learned in Level 1.

Level 3: Students extend their multimedia design and development knowledge by working on a team to create a solution to an authentic educational problem. Teams find a real world problem that they design, develop, and evaluate.

At all three levels students read practical as well as research oriented and theoretical papers about technology design. At the end of the semester, students display their work in a Studio Showcase.

A student may enroll in Design Studio for as little as one semester or up to five semesters. Where a student begins and how long a student stays depends on each student's goals and experience. Students with little background will probably enroll at Level 1 for at least a year to learn the skills and knowledge needed to thrive at Level 2. Others experienced with diverse software tools and project development might enter the Studio at Level 3 to gain the experience of solving a problem in a team setting. However, a student who only wants to learn programming could enroll for a single semester. All 5 sections of the Studio meet at the same time and location.