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New Teacher Workshop

Information about the New Teacher Workshop at University Park Campus.

The Penn State New Teacher Workshop is a component of WF ED 100 Orientation to Teaching which is a two credit course required for Vocational Instructional 1 certification.

WF ED 100 and the New Teacher Workshop is for newly hired career and technology teachers. Topics addressed include:

  • Career Development Roles and Responsibilities
  • Assessing Needs and Identifying Competencies
  • Developing an Instructional Schedule
  • Developing and Writing Lesson Plans
  • Writing Performance Objectives
  • Teaching Successful Lessons
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Cognitive Diversity Adaptions and Accommodations
  • Effective Use of IEPs
  • Student Diversity and Educating Special Populations
  • Educating English Language Learners and Literacy Challenged Students
  • Providing a Safe Teaching and Learning Environment
  • Professional Writing

WF ED 100 the first of six courses required for the Vocational Instructional 1 Certificate. Additional courses include WF ED 105 Integrated Curriculum Integration, WF ED 495C-1 Observation and Practice Teaching: Presentation Strategies, WF ED 495C-2 Observation and Practice Teaching: Action Strategies and WF ED 495C-3 Observation and Practice Teaching: Extend Your Professional Development.

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