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Vocational Instructional 1 Certificate (Voc 1)

Vocational Instructional I Certificate Requirements

 Applicants must have:

  • A minimum of 4 years wage-earning experience or 8,000hrs in addition to the learning period required to establish competency in the occupation to be taught;
  • Successfully completed the Occupational Competency Assessment or evaluation of credentials for occupations where examinations do not exist;
  • Completed 18 credit hours in an approved program of vocational teacher education;
  • Met all requirements provided by law (School Code 1209 and Title 22, Pa. Code, Section 49.12).
  • Presented evidence of having passed the CORE Praxis tests in reading and writing.
  • Received the recommendation of the preparing Pennsylvania university.
IMPORTANT: Regulations published by the State Board of Education on September 25, 1999 provide that Vocational Instructional I certificates issued with an effective date of October 1999 or thereafter will be valid for six (6) years of service during which time the applicant must complete the approved preparation program leading to the Vocational Instructional II Certificate. Vocational Instructional I certificates issued prior to October 1999 remain valid for seven (7) teaching years.