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Vocational Instructional 2 Certification (Voc 2)

Vocational Instructional II Certification Requirements

The Vocational Instructional II Certification shall be a permanent certification issued to an applicants who have:
  • Completed 3 years of satisfactory teaching on a Vocational Instructional I Certification attested to by the chief school administrator of the approved public or nonpublic school entity in which the most recent service of the applicant was performed.
  • Completed 42 credit hours in an approved program in the appropriate field of vocational education.
  • Presented evidence of satisfactory achievement in assessments prescribed by the Department under Section 49.18(a) (relating to assessment). In addition, presented evidence of having passed the Praxis I test in Mathematics (0730 or 5730) (effective September 1, 2008).
  • Completed a Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved induction program.
  • Received the recommendation of the preparing Pennsylvania university.
NOTE:  The Vocational General Knowledge test (0890) was the required exam prior to September 1, 2008.  If the Vocational General Knowledge Test was taken prior to September 1, 2008 with a minimum score of 560, it can be accepted in place of the Praxis I Mathematics exam. Vocational General Knowledge Test (0890) scores will remain valid for 10 years from the date the test was taken.

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