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Master's Degree - Students Admitted Prior to Summer 2009

requirements for students admitted prior to Summer 2009

Leadership: for certification as vocational administrative director or to prepare for other administrative roles at the postsecondary level (Minimum Requirements: ten courses)

Human Resource Development/Organization Development:
This emphasis prepares students for private and public sector positions in Human Resource Development and Organization Development. Students should establish priorities for this emphasis based on their prior work experience, their interests and competencies in the learning and performance field, and their capacity to advance in private and public organizations.

*Students with varied backgrounds and interests in Workforce Education and development may, in consultation with their adviser and graduate committee, elect to pursue an inter-disciplinary area of emphasis that prepares them for career options not covered in the five program emphasis areas.

This emphasis prepares students for positions in career and technical centers and school districts that involve curriculum development, cooperative education, career exploration, and related positions. This emphasis may involve meeting the Pennsylvania Department of Education eligibility guidelines for cooperative education certification for employment as cooperative education coordinators. The decision to pursue cooperative education certification should be based on prior educational and work experience along with program and employment goals. Students interested in attaining employment as a cooperative education coordinator are required to obtain the cooperative education certification.

Teacher Certification: This emphasis prepares students for teaching positions in career and technical centers and school districts. This emphases involves fulfillment of the requirements established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the Vocational Instructional I and II certificates.

Postsecondary Technical & Community College Leadership:
This emphasis prepares students for leadership positions in proprietary institutions, community colleges, and other agencies in career and technical education. This emphasis does not have a Pennsylvania Department of Education certification component.