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Family and Consumer Science Emphasis-Master's

A page listing the course requirements for the family and consumer science emphasis: Master's degree for Workforce education and development in the Learning Performance Systems Department within the College of Education at PSU.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) track; Master of Science (M.S.) track

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those Family & Consumer Sciences graduate credits you've been accumulating over the last five years?  Let us help you package them into a Master's Degree!!

Core Requirements (M.Ed and M.S.):

STAT 500
Applied Statistics in the World Campus (3 credits)
Introduction to Statistics in Education (3 credits)
(Replacement for WF ED 540 Data Analysis in WF ED)

WF ED 542
Social and Economic Foundations of WF ED (3 credits)

WF ED 550

Research in WF ED (3 credits)

WF ED 560

History, Philosophy, and Public Policies in WF ED (3 credits)

Professional Development courses in family & consumer sciences must be at least 400 level courses, 12 credits),
as approved by advisor.

Course Requirements (M.Ed.):

Outside WF ED  courses (6 credits)

WF ED 596
Comprehensive Examination (3 credits)

Masters of Education Total:  30 credits minimum

Course Requirements (M.S.):

Outside WF ED
courses (9 credits)
(M.S. require 18 credits at the 500 level), as approved by advisor

WF ED 596
Master's Paper (3 credits)

Masters of Science Total:  33 credits minimum