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Teacher Certification Course Requirements (Master's)

course requirements for Teacher Certificaiton in WF ED's master's program summer 2009 or later

Vocational Instructional I Certificate
WF ED 413     Vocational Education for Special Needs Learners OR Transcript
WF ED 441     Conceptual & Legal Basis of Co-op Planning
WF ED 442     Operating Cooperative Ed Programs
WF ED 445     Vocational Guidance
WF ED 560     History & Philosophical Foundations of WF ED
WF ED 596     (section 101) Program & Facility Mgmt
WF ED 596     (section 102) Voc. Student Organizations
WF ED 596     (section 103) Assessment Techniques
EDTHP 538     OR EDTHP 416 OR C I 550 (World Campus)
WF ED 540      Data Analysis OR STAT 550, Applied Statistics

M.S (34 credits)
WF ED 550     Research in WF ED
WF ED 596     Individual Studies (3 credits; can be split)
Thesis or Master's paper

M. Ed. (37 credits)
3 credits - WF ED elective
3 credits outside WF ED - approved by adviser
WF ED 596 Individual Studies (3 credits; can be split)
Comprehensive exam