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Course List


The Master of Professional Studies in Organization Development and Change (MPS–OD&C) will be conferred upon students who earn a minimum of 33 credits of course work while maintaining a grade-point average of 3.0 or better in all course work, and who complete a quality culminating field-based project course in consultation with a graduate adviser.


Desirable Course Sequence (27 credits)

This is a recommended course sequence, but not all courses are offered every term; therefore, you may choose to plan your course sequence differently.

WF ED 572 Organization Development For Industrial Trainers:  An introduction to major concepts, skills and techniques required by industrial trainers to support and facilitate organization change.  The prerequisite WF ED 471 will be waived for World Campus students.


WF ED 884 Appreciative Inquiry:  This course provides a foundation in the theories, principles, and techniques of Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

WF ED 881 Marketing Organization Development: This course familiarizes students with the unique issues in marketing organization development (OD) and OD consulting services.

WF ED 582 Assessing Data: Organizational Diagnosis: This course familiarizes students with approaches to assessing and feeding back data in organization development (OD) and consulting services.

WF ED 578 Process Consultation in Organization Development: This course provides a foundation in process consultation. Process refers to how groups interact and how people get along.

WF ED 585 Appraising Organization Change and Development and Consulting: This course familiarizes students with approaches to evaluating organization development (OD) and consulting services.

WF ED 880 Facilitating Groups and Teams: This course provides students with necessary skills to facilitate small groups and teams.

WF ED 405 Project Management for Professionals: Covers the essential concepts and skills needed to make effective contributions on projects, on time and within budget.

TRDEV 565 Implementing Training and Development Programs: The critical analysis of theories, strategies, and techniques for planning and implementing TRDEV programs to enhance employee learning and performance. The prerequisites TRDEV 460 and TRDEV 465 will be waived for World Campus students.


Electives (3 credits) — Choose One


WF ED 573 Needs Assessment for Industrial Trainers: Acquire skills to identify training and development needs, distinguish problems with management versus training solutions, develop and evaluate training solutions.

WF ED 410 Leadership Competencies for Professionals:  Designed to teach contemporary professional leadership competencies for workforce professionals who do not currently have supervisory responsibilities. Prerequisite: two years of work experience or fourth-semester standing or prior approval of instructor


Culminating Experience (3 credits)


WF ED 595A Field-Based Project in Industrial Training:  Students identify a training and/or organization development problem in industry and/or business and carry out contract problem analysis and resolutions.


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